KAC captures second spot, VSV loses to Dornbirn

Samstag, 25.November 2017 - 9:19
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22 of 44 rounds of the regular season are played and the EC-KAC captured the second place after a road win against the Innsbrucker Haie. The KHL Medvescak Zagreb got its first three points on the road against Fehervar. The 99ers found the decision against the Foxes in overtime and Salzburg celebrated a clear success against Znojmo. Zagreb celebrates first „three-pointer” on the road Hockey in Fehervar was founded exactly 40 years ago, that is why the game started with a commemoration and celebration with players who skated on ice back in November 1977. The game started with chances from Zagreb then Sárpátki threatened on the other side. Zagreb had the first powerplay of the game in the 6th minute, but the guests were unsuccessful. Five on five the Bears dominated the game until the 14th minute, when Koskiranta fouled but Peter Vincze had to sit in the penalty box as well, so the game went on four on four. The teams didn’t spend much time full strength, Boivin got a 2-minute-penalty but Manavian and co. could not defeat Poulin. The second period started with a five-on-four opportunity for Zagreb. Carruth kept his team’s hopes alive in these minutes and as Luttinen came back from the penalty box, Gilbert was close to scoring. In the middle of the game Fehervar started to be better, bur first Vidmar, Erdely fouled, still unsuccessful for Medvescak. Harty followed his teammates in the penalty box and the guests scored on this powerplay, Koskiranta put the puck in the net. Krisztian Szabo and Capon got in a fight after the game and after Boivin’s second penalty Fehervar attacked on the powerplay. Not for long, though, Luttinen, then Gilbert joined their teammate after a penalty. Zagreb scored fast on this powerplay, Privitera scored with a slapshot. 20 seconds into the third period, Morley passed to Mahbod who didn’t miss. The home team answered with a dangerous chance but Reisz hit the post. 3 minutes later Koskiranta’s shot went between Carruth’s pads and the difference was already 4 goals. Luttinen could have scored just seconds later but Poulin saved. Fehervar tried everything in the last 10 minutes but they couldn’t work hard enough to score a goal. Medcescak killed Fehervar’s game successfully. Kudelka and Hari’s fight put some excitement in the last minutes but all in all, Zagrev won well-deserved. Confident win of Salzburg The EC Red Bulls Salzburg startet with high intensity and Thomas Raffl scored the first goal after only one minute. After that Znojmo found their rhythm and they suceeded with the equalizer in the ninth minute. Jan Lattner executed the breakaway well. Salzburg increased intensity but couldn’t recapture the lead in the first period. The Red Bulls took control in the second period. Matthias Trattnig scored the 2:1 with his first goal of the season. Peter further increased the lead in the powerplay. The Czechs made the game exciting again, whren Dominik Tejnor scored the 2:3. In the final period Alexander Pallestrang recreated the two goals lead. Salzburg dominated the game at this point. Julien Brouillette scored for the game result of 5:2. 99ers capture overtime win in Bolzano The hosts controlled the starting period. It needed 14 minutes till the Foxes fans celebrated for the first time. Christopher DeSousa fired a well-placed shot into the corner of the goal for the 1:0 lead. The hosts kept on creating chances, but no more goas were scored in the starting period. In the second period the 99ers used a defensive mistake of the foxes and Zintis Zusvics tied the game. Bozen pressured for the lead again. In the 28th minute it was DeSousa again who captured the lead. Despite of of controlling the game, the Foxes couldn’t score another goal. Other than the 99ers, five minutes before the end of the game it was Clemens Unterwagner who tied again. The game went into overtime. Brock Higgs brought the decision after only 40 seconds. KAC captures second place against Innsbruck The EC-KAC hat the better start into the game. Innsbruck needed ten minutes to create the first chances. But no goals were scored in the opening period. Both teams put more intensity in their offenses in the second period and the KAC capitalized. Marco Richter deflected a shot for 1:0. In the final period the KAC celebrated a double strike. First Bischofsberger scored then Manuel Ganahl increased the lead. Innsbruck didn’t give up and Jeremie Blain scored the first goal for his team this evening. Julian Talbot found the final decision in 58th minute with the 4:1. Mitch Wahl scored the last goal of the night and created the result of 2:4. Bulldogs booked big win in Villach The guests started with high intensity and put a lot of pressure towards Villach. Martin Grabher Meier ended his drought and scored his first goal after 20 games. Ziga Pance increased the lead only one minute after that. Villach found its rhythm in the second period. Ryan Glenn narrowed gap quickly. But with goals of Scott Timmins and Jamie Arniel the Bulldogs found the way to the road of success. After that the VSV-Cracks tried to start a comeback and Kyle Beach succeeded. But Brodie Reid scored the fifths goal for his team. Miha Verlic managed to score the 3:5 and made the game exciting again. Scott Timmins brought with his empty netter the final decision and the result of 6:2.

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