Capitals and VSV start with perfect record

Montag, 11.September 2017 - 15:32
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The Vienna Capitals and the EC VSV ended the season opening weekend without losing a point and are on the top of the league. Also the HC Orli Znojmo booked a successful start. The Czechs are the first pursuer of the top-duo after a 4:0 win against EC Red Bull Salzburg. The LIWEST Back Wing Linz and Feherverar AV19 captured their first wins of the season. Salzburg and the EC-KAC ended the season-opening weekend without a point. VSV won against 99ers after triple strike in second period After a 6:1 success of the EC VSV against Zagreb, Villach won also the second home game against the Moser Medical Graz99ers with 4:3. The eagles of Villach started quick and intense. After five minutes Stefan Bacher openend the scoring. But Justin Buzzero tied the game only 86 seconds later. The second period was under full control of Villach. They needed only three minute to score three goals. First Valentin Leiler converted rebounded for the lead. Only 20 seconds later Christian Jenes scored after a perfect serve of David Shields. In the 32nd minute Miha Verlic even increased the score to 4:1. The 99ers managed to narrow the gap to 2:4 before the second period ended. In the 57th minute Brock Higgs made the game exciting again with his goal for the 3:4. But Villach kept its nerves and celebrated the second success in the second game. Caps won finals rematch against KAC The Vienna Capitals won also the second game of the season and defended the top of the league position. The acting champ won the rematch of the finals with 4:1. Despite of some good chances in the first period on both sides, no goals were scored in the starting minutes. With only a couple of seconds to go in the first period, Raphal Rotter succeeded with the first goal of the night at numerous advantage. After a perfect pass of Jamie Fraser, Rotter curved around the goaly and scored the 1:0. The Caps took the energy also to the second period. But also, the KAC worked for some good chances and hit only the cross bar. In the final period Riley Holzapfel had free way to the goal and increased the lead to 2:0. The KAC increased the energy and put a lot of pressure on the Caps. Successfully: Manuel Ganahl deflected a shot for the 1:2. An misunderstanding of the KAC-defense recreated the two goals lead for the Caps. MacGregor Sharp reacted quick for his first goal of the night. KAC tried everything to come back into the game. But Rafael Rotter brought the decision with an empty netter for the 4:1 result. Black Wings captured first win against Bolzano The LIWEST Black Wings Linz won their first home game of the season 4:1. After the win against HCB Südtirol Alperia, the Black Wings took the fourth place in the standings. Linz tried to take control right from the beginning. Brian Lebler scored the first goal of the evening after an assist from Dan DaSilva. The newcomer of Linz, Jacob Dowell had a good chance for the second goal of his team, but he missed the shot. In the second period the foxes increased their energy level, but Michael Halmo only hit the post. Both teams played compact defense. In the 35th minute Michael Halmo succeeded with the tie. Only two minutes Sebastian Piche managed to recreate the lead with a blue liner. In the final period the hosts increased pressure again. After 43 minutes it was Dan DaSilva who scored for the 3:1. Five minute before the end of the game, Erik Kirchschläger brought the decision for Linz. The hosts ended the game with highly concentrated defense. Znojmo with shut-out success against Salzburg The HC Orli Znojmo is after the second game of the season still undefeated. After the overtime win against Linz, they also won their second game with 4:0 against Salzburg. Orli Znojmo and Red Bull Salzburg, who took part in two years ago finals of EBEL, met for the first time in the season. Both teams started the game with quick attacks and precious defense. None of the teams managed to score in the first period. The home team was more active, but it was Salzburg, who created more dangerous chances to score. Znojmo’s goalie Schwarz performed some great saves. The first ten minutes were qualitative high ice hockey from both sides. After 30 minutes Colton Yellow Horn appeared in front of Starkbaum and made a good wristshot, which led to the first goal. It did not last even four minutes for Znojmo to score again. Marek Racuk touched the puck in front of Salzburg’s goaltender and raised home team’s lead to two goals. Salzburg weakened themselves with coue of penalties. Colton Yellow Horn scored his second goal of the night and increased the lead. Salzburg tried to come back, but had to take a penalty again. Znojmo also converted this numerous advantage for the final result of 4:0. Fehervar with overtime win against comebacker It's been 1650 days since the last Erste Bank Eishockey Liga game took place in Zagreb. At their home debut, they had to take an 3:4 overtime defeat against Fehervar. The game started quite nervous on both ends. During the opening minutes Medveš?ak showed a little more intensity and tried to take control. But Fehervar took the lead after a goal of Tamas Sarpatki. Gilbert and Vincze both got sent off by the refs to give Medveš?ak a two men advantage on which Sondre Olden capitalized. With 8 minutes to go in the first period Daniel Szabo captured the lead again. The game continued with the Bears pushing for the equalizer, but they failed. The scoring remained unchanged in the middle period. In the third period it was Olden again, who showed up and scored his second of the day. But Fehervar had the right answer again and Peter Vincze recaptured the lead. With 4 minutes to play Daniel Koger left the rink with a knee injury after a collision on the ice. Just seconds later Medveš?ak equalized. At the 3 versus 3 overtime it was David Gilbert who brought the decision for the Hungarians. Erste Bank Eishockey Liga, 2. Runde: So, 10.09.2017: EC VSV – Moser Medical Graz99ers 4:3 (1:1, 3:1, 0:1) Referees: BULOVEC, M. NIKOLIC, Schauer, Zgonc, Zuschauer: 2.758 Goals VSV: Bacher (6:), Leiler (29./PP), Jennes (30.), Verlic (32./SH) Goals G99: Buzzeo (7.), Higgs (36./PP2, 57.) Vienna Capitals – EC-KAC Club 4:1 (1:0, 0:0, 3:1) Referees: NIKOLIC K./ STERNAT, Nagy, Soos Goals Caps: Rafael Rotter (20., PP, 59. Min., EN), Riley Holzapfel (44. Min.), MacGregor Sharp (56. Min.) Goal KAC: Manuel Ganahl (50. Min.) So, 10.9.2017: EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz – HCB Südtirol Alperia 4:1 (1:0, 1:1, 2:0) Referees: GRUBER/ KELLNER, Ettlmayr, Kontschieder Goals Linz: Lebler (8.), Piche (37.), DaSilva (43.), Kirchschläger (55.) Goal Bozen: Halmo (35.) So, 10.9.2017: HC Orli Znojmo – EC Red Bull Salzburg 4:0 (0:0, 2:0, 2:0) Referees: KINCSES/ ZRNIC, Nemeth, Pagon Goals ZNO: Yellow Horn (30./pp1, 44./pp2), Matuš (34.), ?íp (50./pp1) So, 10.9.2017: KHL Medvescak Zagreb – Fehervar AV19 3:4 OT (1:2, 0:0, 2:1, 0:1) Referees: PIRAGIC/ TRILAR, Hribar, Rakovic Goals MZA: Olden (7./pp2, 45.), Koskiranta (57.) Goals AVS: Sarpatki (5.), Szabo (9.), Vincze (46.), Gilbert (62.)

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