KAC starts wie victory into Champions Hockey League

Freitag, 25.August 2017 - 5:35
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The EC-KAC booked a perfect start into the competitive season. The Austrian vice champion won the faceoff of the Champions Hockey League against Gap Rapaces with 6:3. The KAC started quick like a shot and scored four goals in the first period. The French champion fought back after plenty of powerplays. The KAC kept its nerves and captured the lead of group H after the first game day.

EC-KAC started with a lot of energy into the Champions Hockey League Season. It took only five minutes till the KAC captured the lead. Thomas Koch scored the first competitive goal in this season. On the other side David Madlener proofed his reflexes. The Austrian vice champion kept on pressuring, but couldn’t score in double powerplay. In the 11th minute it was Matthew Neal who increased the lead. But the French Champion stroke back quickly and Dimiti Thillet scored the first goal for his team. The KAC still was the more effective team and reproduced the two goal lead after a shot of Manuel Ganahl. If that wouldn’t be enough Matthew Neal scored the fourth goal for the redjackets in the first period.

In the second period, the hosts scored quickly in powerplay. Gap took control over the game but couldn’t score in the next minutes. The KAC made life hard for themselves and had to take plenty of penalties. Gap succeeded with reducing the gap and scored two more goals in the second period. The redjackets came back into the final period way more concentrated and put back the energy of the first period on the ice. During a powerplay situation it was David Fischer who kept the Rapaces on distance. In the 59th minute Julian Talbot took care for the decision and scored for the result of 6:3. With that win the KAC took the lead in group H of the Champions Hockey League.

Rapaces Gap - EC-KAC 3:6 (1:4, 2:0, 0:2)
Goals KAC: Koch T. (5.), Neal (11., 17.), Ganahl (15. /pp.), Fischer (54./pp.), Talbot (59.)
Goals Gap: Thillet (11., 22./pp), Scheid (32./pp2)

Quelle: red/Erste Bank Eishockey Liga