Another pre-season loss for Fehervar

Mittwoch, 23.August 2017 - 5:49
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On Tuesday Fehervar AV19 also lost its second game in the Visegrad Cup. The Hungarians suffered a 4:3 overtime against Slovak side HC Nové Zámky.

The Hungarians started the game better, however, Nové Zámky managed to score two goals by the middle of the first period, first Novotny after a mistake and second Jesse Dudas in the powerplay. The first period went on with penalties against the guests but Krisztian Szabo managed to surprise with a shorthanded goal and with playing full strength, David Gilbert tied the game. In the second period, the game became more physical and balanced and neither team scored another goal. Fehervar started the third period in the powerplay but they missed this chance. 4 minutes into the last 20 minutes Bence Stipsicz scored from the blue line, turning the game for the Hungarians. After another foul from Fehervar, the home team scored their third goal. In the remaining time, both teams had the chance to score but the game went into overtime, which lasted one and a half minute, with Kovacevic scoring the game winning goal for Nové Zámky. The next game for Fehervar is on Friday on home ice against HK Nitra.

Nové Zámky - Fehérvár AV19 4-3 (2-2, 0-0, 1-1, 1-0)
Goals Nové Zámky: Novotny, Dudas, Cetkovsky, Kovacevic
Goals Fehérvár: Szabó K., Gilbert, Stipsicz.

Quelle: red/Erste Bank Eishockey Liga