Salzburg and Capitals lead 2:0

Samstag, 18.März 2017 - 5:23
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The EC Red Bull Salzburg and the UPC Vienna Capitals increased their lead in the series to 2:0. Salzburg paved the way for their win over EC-KAC already in the first minutes with two goals. The Caps needed a strong finish to find the decision in the 87th minute against HCB Südtirol Alperia.

Red Bulls paved their way early
It couldn’t have been a better start for the Red Bulls. After a phase of high pressure Salzburg striked twice. First Matthias Trattnig was the quickest in reaction after a deflected shot only 23 seconds Brett Olson scored fro the slot already for the 2:0. After that Matthias Trattnig and Daniel Welser had a collision and Welser was not able to come back on the ice. The KAC found a bit better into the game and started to be dangerous in powerplay. But Bernhard Starkbaum kept his sheet clean. In the second period Klagenfurt increase the pressure. During two early powerplays Starkbaum had his hands full of work. In the following minutes both teams created good chances. But no ore goals at this time. At the beginning of the final period the KAC was very close to their first goal. A shot of Manuel Ganahl could be cleared by a Red Bulls player in the last moment. After four minutes Salzburg escaped from the high pressure. The game become more intense at this time. In the 50th minute Thomas Raffl managed to score the third goal of the night after a good pass from Ryan Duncan. Only two minutes after that Alexander Rauchenwald had the quickest reaction infront of the goal and scored the 4:0. Ten seconds before the end Manuel Geier managed to score the first goal of KAC for the result of 1:4.

Caps capture win in second overtime
The foxes started with high pressure into the game and created a bunch of chances. Oberdörfer had the first big chance from the blue line. But then it was Vienna who captured the lead. Rotter found some space on the left wing and found Nödl in the middle who scored for the 1:0. After a short shock of Bozen they found back in the game. During a power play situation Sparks penetrated through the Defense and tied the game. Bozen even tried to increased but couldn’t score in the first period anymore. At the beginning of the second period Rotter tried to beat the goaly with a trick, but the puck didn’t find the way into the goal. Bozner increased the pressure again, and didn’t let the Caps escape. Egger succeeded with a precise shot from distance and captured the lead for the first time this evening. The foxes still controlled the game in the following. In the last few minutes of the second period the pressure and the control changed and the Caps succeeded with the tie after s hot of Holzapfel. The caps took the momentum into the last period. Melichecik had the hands full of work. After about six minutes Bozen escaped again from the pressure. Both teams had a couple of chances, but no goals anymore in regular time. The first overtime was nothing for faint-hearted. Both teams had a number of chances for the decision, but both goalies did a great job. In the second overtime it was the former foxes player Taylor Vause who brought the decision and the 2:0 lead in the series.

EC-KAC– EC Red Bull Salzburg 1:4 (0:2, 0:0, 1:2)
Goals KAC: Geier (60./pp)
Goals RBS: Trattnig (4.), Olson (5.), Raffl (50.), Rauchenwald (52.)

HCB Südtriol Alperia – UPC Vienna Capitals 2:3 OT (1:1, 1:1, 0:0. 0:0, 0:1)
Goals HCB: Sparks (12./pp), Egger (30.),
Goals VIC: Nödl (7.), Holzapfel (39.), Vause (87.)

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