KAC defeats Salzburg, Shutout for Vienna Capitals

Mittwoch, 15.Februar 2017 - 7:23
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In the Pick Round on Tuesday Leader UPC Vienna Capitals, EC-KAC, HC TWK Innsbruck „Die Haie“ celebrated wins after the International Break. The Caps already fixed home-advantage for the Quarterfinals.

Innsbruck won Tyrolean Derby
HC TWK Innsbruck „Die Haie“ started strong into the Tyrolean Derby against HCB Südtirol Alperia after the International Break: Already in minute 5 Ondrej Sedivy deflected the puck after a wrist-shot from Lubomir Stach. Also the next minutes belong to the Sharks. When the game went on, also Bozen found better into the game and got their first chances: Finally in minute 20 the Foxes equalized thanks a Power Play goal from Ryan Glenn. Period two started perfect for the Italians: Everson quickly scored from a rebound. But the North Tyroleans had a quick answer: Hunter Bishop finished a good pass from John Lammers for the 2:2. Then Florian Pedevilla and Oberdörfer had a fight. Another two minutes later Hunter Bishop scored again and Innsbruck had the lead again – 3:2. Early after the second re-start Andrew Clark was free infront of the net, but he shoot the puck over the net (41.) and so the game stayed thrilling. But the North Tyroleans played strong in the defense and so chances were rare. Late in the game Hunter Bishop decided the game with his third goal of the match into the empty net for the final 4:2.

KAC won at Salzburg
EC Red Bull Salzburg and EC-KAC played an equal game in the first period, in which both goalies – Gracnar and Duba – were tested, but did not get real problems. After the re-start the guests from Klagenfurt got the upperhand of the game, Matthew Neal missed a good chance. Salzburg threatened just once from Brett Olson in period 2. Klagenfurt finally took the lead in minute 31: Mitja Robar was successful in a Power Play (31.). The guests then failed to extend their lead in a 5-on-3-Power Play for 86 seconds. This was punished by the Red Bulls quickly after the second re-start: John Hughes scored after a perfect pass from Ryan Duncan. The Mozart Citizens now got an extra-boost and did more for their offense: Michael Schiechl outplayed shorthanded Thomas Hundertpfund and scored the 2:1. Klagenfurt had a quick answer thanks a goal from Martin Schumnig. 2 minutes before the end David Fischer deflected the puck after a shot from Herburger into his own net and Salzburg was leading again. The Red Jackets did not give up and brought an extra-skater for their goalie. John Hughes failed to score into the empt net, on the other side Koch made the 3:3 17 seconds before the end. In the Overtime goalie Duba and Thomas collided, Duba had to be replaced by Madlener. Moments later Koch decided the game for EC-KAC.

One goal was enough for Caps
The UPC Vienna Capitals made pressure from the start, but Mike Ouzas war not to beat. Besides the hosts once just hit the post. The Linzer threatend just twice from Brett McLean. The Caps were the chief on the ice also in period 2: Finally in minute 25 Ryan MacKiernan scored the lead for Vienna. The Upper Austrians had chances for a quick answer, but Palin and Oberkofler stayed unlucky. When the game came to the end the Black Wings tried harder to score, but the Caps defended the lead and place 1. Besided the Caps fixed with this three points the home-advantage for the Quarterfinals.

Erste Bank Eishockey Liga, 7. Pick Round:
Tue, 14.02.2017: UPC Vienna Capitals – EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz 1:0 (0:0,1:0,0:0)
Referees: SMETANA, TRILAR; spectators: 4650
Goal: McKiernan (25.)

Tue, 14.02.2017: EC Red Bull Salzburg – EC KAC 3:4 n.V. (0:0,0:1,3:2,0:1)
Referees: LEMELIN/NIKOLIC, spctators: 3.300;
Goals RBS: Hughes (42.), Schiechl (46./sh), Herburger (59.)
Goals KAC: Robar (31.), Schumnig (49.), Koch (60./65.)

Tue, 14.02.2017: HC TWK Innsbruck „Die Haie“ – HCB Südtirol Alperia 4:2 (1:1,2:1,1:0)
Referees: M. NIKOLIC/STOLC; spctators: 2.000
Goals HCI: Sedivy (5.), Bishop (24., 33., 60./EN)
Goals HCB: Glenn (20./pp), Everson (22.)

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