AHL leaders earn important wins

Sonntag, 29.Januar 2017 - 8:11
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In Saturday’s Sky Alps Hockey League games Rittner Buam won the top match of Master Round against Asiago 4:3 after overtime. The leaders of both Qualification Rounds were successful, too. EK Zeller Eisbären beat EC-KAC II for the second time within five days and Sportivi Ghiaccio Cortina Hafro got a shutout over Fassa Falcons. Read more Migross Supermercati Asiago Hockey 1935 – Rittner Buam 3:4 OT Just a six days after winning the Italian title, season 2016/17, at the stadium Odegar, the Rittner Buam was on Saturday again in Asiago for 2TH round of Master Round. Both teams won the first match of Master Round. Andrea Strazzabosco e Krystofer Kolanos were absent for home team. Alexander Eisath and Kevin Fink were absent for the “Buam”. The first period was absolute with a low pace. After seven minutes Matteo Tessari scored the first goal of Asiago in powerplay action. The guests tried to answer but they did not exploit in double powerplay and then Christian Borgatello hit the post. The Rittner Buam tied after 18 seconds in the middle time. Victor Ahlström deflected in the net a shot of Christian Borgatello. But after this flash, the game kept the same pace of the first period. The match was tactical with few emotions and few scoring chances. Thomas Spinell has a cleary occasion to score but the last assist for Traversa was not good. The period ended in tie (1:1). During the third time the match was completely different. Two goals in 4 minutes. Earlier Andreas Lutz scored but the puck was deflected in the net from the defender of the Buam (Roland Hofer). The guests answered with Oskar Ahlström after a scrum in front of the net of Asiago. The Rittner Buam went ahead for the first time after a big shot of Fabian Ebner during a 2-man advantage action. But in the middle of the period again Matteo Tessari scored for the tie (3:3). The regular time was finished in tie. During the overtime the match took off. There were many chance to score. Colin Long it seemed to have scored but the referee, after a long vision of replay, didn’t validate the goal. When missing 39 second to end ot the overtime, Dan Sullivan attempted to shot but he broke the stick. Dan Tudin stole the puck and he scored alone in breakaway for the win of Rittner Buam (4:3) in penalty killing. The Italian Champion confirmed as the leader of Master Round. Asiago, after this match, was in fith position. EC-KAC II - EK Zeller Eisbären 1:3 The game in Klagenfurt was a mere 61 seconds old when Marco Richter opened the scoring on a break. The hosts had the better of the play and halfway through the first they had the chance to double the score on power play but Marco Brucker missed from promising position. Despite having major troubles defensively, the visitors even tied it late in the first as Zell am See captain Franz Wilfan, who also played several years for Klagenfurt, scored with a wrist shot after a solo attempt. After the restart Zell goalie Dominik Frank made a save on Florian Kurath and a few minutes later a Brucker shot missed its target fractionally. Shortly before the midway point of the game the guests took over command and KAC netminder Thomas Dechel had to make a big save on Frederik Widen's one timer. In the 36th minute Fabian Scholz turned the game around off a great pass by Markus Pöck. The Carinthians were not able to keep speed and pressure in the third. As a result Igor Rataj doubled the lead with eleven minutes to go. And the polar bears ran down the clock successfully for a 3:1 win. FBI VEU Feldkirch – HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice 1:4 Feldkirch got off a better start but all their offensive efforts did not lead to a goal as Jesenice played solid in their own end. After a couple of minutes the visitors became stronger and as a result Jaka Ankerst made the breakthrough with a shot from distance but VEU goalie Alex Caffi had no view on the puck. It was the only goal of the first and after restart the Slovenes extended their lead thanks to Ales Jeklic. Two minutes later Dennis Sticha pulled one back with a hard shot and now Feldkirch pressed for the equalizer. Jesenice stayed calm and stuck to their game plan. This was the key for another goal when Luka Kalan restored the two-goal lead. The steelers had everything under control in the last period and Saso Rajsar made the game safe with four minutes left. EHC Alge Elastic Lustenau - HC Pustertal Wolves 4:3 SO Pustertal started the game quick like a shot. After only 51 seconds Raphael Andergassen made the breakthrough. The visitors made a lot of pressure but did not score a second. In the course of the first period Lustenau became better and after nine minutes Martins Cipulis beat Thomas Tragust to tie it at one. Pustertal was not shocked and stick to their good combination game. They even went with a 2:1 lead into the first intermission as Armin Hofer found the back of the net. The visitors were stronger in the second, too. The fans saw fast-paced and physical hockey with Max Oberrauch extending Pustertal's lead before the midway point of the game. Lustenau shifted up a gear in the third and generated a lot. With nine minutes to go Stefan Hrdina went top shelf to reduce the deficit. Now Pusteral was barely able to leave their defensive end and then Stefan Wiedmaier sent the game into overtime - 3:3. Lustenau had some good chances in the extra session but it went into shootout where the eleventh attempt of Max Wilfan decided the game. The Vorarlberg side defended the second place with a hard-fought 4:3 victory. Red Bull Hockey Juniors – EC Bregenzerwald 3:1 The Red Bulls fired some good shots goalwards early in the game but it took 14 minutes until Maximilian Daubner opened the scoring. Patrik Kittinger assisted to the first goal. Five minutes later Dario Winkler doubled the score on power play for a 2:0 home lead after 20 minutes. In the middle frame the hosts pressed for another goal but the period ended goalless. Salzburg tried to decide the game early in the third but were not able to score, neither with a two men advantage. With four minutes to go Marcus Jörgensen lit the lamp for a third time and that was the final decision. However, Red Bulls goalie Kevin Reich was not able to celebrate a shutout as Bregenzerwald's Christian Ban got his side on the scoreboard in the last minute. Salzburg earned a 3:1 win and climbed to second place in Qualification Round A. WSV Sterzing Broncos Weihenstephan – HC Neumarkt Riwega 7:2 The home team played for the first time in the second phase, after a break of nine days, as they challenged the Neumarkt. The Broncos team was a in the match with all players for the first time this season. The formation of coach Clayton Beddoes crushed the opponent from the the beginning. Francis Verreault-Paul, top scorer of the Broncos, realized the first goal after five minutes thanks to a nice shot very accurately from close range. After two minutes Sterzing doubled. Danny Deanesi overcame Daniel Morandell with a wrist shot. The Neumarkt had a difficulty to set his play and even took some penalties. The local team used a double powerplay for built a new score: Zdenek Bahensky scored an easy goal near the net of the visitor. The first period recorded the absolute domination of the Broncos as they closed the period in advantage for 3:0. During the second period the Neumarkt changed the goalkeeper: Moritz Steiner entered and Daniel Morandell was off. But the home team still controlled the game. After a minute of play David Roupec scored in powerplay. Then Matthias Mantinger overcame the new goalkeeper. The Neumarkt reacted after the middle. Linus Lundstrom, the top-scorer of the Wild Goose, built the first goal of guest as he scored in penalty killing. But it was always the home team playing the game. Before the end of the second half, it arrived the 6TH goal of the Broncos. The protagonist was still Verreault-Paul. During the third period the Broncos advanced in the result with another goal of Matthias Mantinger. The Willd Geese could have three powerplay and they turned just one with Radovan Gabri. The Broncos won clearly 7:2 as they stopped the run of Neumarkt after 3 victory in a row. The Neumarkt kept always the 2th position in Qualification Round – Group B but the Zell am See, leader of this group, had four points of advantage on Wild Goose and seven on Broncos after second round. Sportivi Ghiaccio Cortina Hafro – HC Fassa Falcons 3:0 After the defeat in Dornbirn against the Bregenzerwald, the Cortina, leader of the Qualification Group A, played at home against the Fassa. The Falcons played his first game of the second phase after 9 days off. Martin Castlunger was absent through injury, but the visiting team recovered Thomas Dantone and Cesare Sottsas. The beginning of the game was very slow. The two teams played a very defensive match. After 4 minutes Cortina made the first goal. Riccardo Lacedelli opened a passage on the blue line for Tanner Burton. The canadian defender Cortina maked a couple of skate and then he did a powerful shot under the crossbar. The residual time then didn’t offer much and there were no other goals. The second period began in a very nervous manner and with many penalties. The game, however, was more fun than in the first half. The Cortina created many chances in attack but the Fassa was saved thanks to the blocks of Gianni Scola. Zachary Torquato missed a fast break in penalty killing alone in front of Scola. Still the Cortina was in attack but the puck didn’t enter in the goal despite some clear chances. Riley Brace also missed a penalty shot. The second period ended without goals. In the third period the Cortina was unable to close the game earlier. After eight minutes, Francesco Adami marked on the breakaway to double. In this mode, the hosts could close the match with more confidence. Then there was still a penalty shot for Cortina. In this circumstance, Edoardo Caletti scored a perfect goal. The home side won by 3: 0 after three defeats in a row as they remained in the first place in Group A of qualification. Marco De Filippo celebrated 3rd shutout of the season, the second against the Falcons. The Fassa remained with zero points and got the seventh consecutive defeat. Sky Alps Hockey League: Master Round: 28.01.2017: Migross Supermercati Asiago Hockey 1935 – Rittner Buam 3:4 FOT (1:0, 0:1, 2:2, 0:1) Goals Asiago: 1:0 M.Tessari (7./PP1/M.Sullivan-J.Magnabosco); 2:1 Lutz (41./D.Sullivan-Miglioranzi); 3:3 M.Tessari (50./PP1/M.Stevan-M.Sullivan); Goals Rittner Buam: 1:1 V.Ahlström (20./Borgatello-I.Tauferer); 2:2 O.Ahlström (44./V.Ahlström/S.Kostner); 2:3 F.Ebner (48./I.Tauferer); 3:4 Tudin (66./SH1); 28.01.2017: FBI VEU Feldkirch – HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice 1:4 (0:1, 1:2, 0:1) Goal Feldkirch: Sticha (24./Winzig-Lindgren) Goals Jesenice: Ankerst (4./Rajsar-Magovac), Jeklic (22./Cimzar-Jezovsek), Kalan (27./DiCasmirro-Magovac), Rajsar (56.) 28.01.2017: EHC Alge Elastic Lustenau - HC Pustertal Wolves 4:3 FSO (1:2, 0:1, 2:0, 0:0, 1:0) Goals Lustenau: Cipulis (9./Hrdina-Devecka), Hrdina (51./Gricinskis-Auer), Stefan Wiedmaier (54./Vala-Devecka), Wilfan (67./dec. penalty) Goals Pustertal: Andergassen (1./Rabbit-Lancsar), Hofer (15./Laner), Oberrauch (29./Wiebe-Hofer) Qualification Round A: 28.01.2017: Red Bull Hockey Juniors – EC Bregenzerwald 3:1 (2:0, 0:0, 1:1) Goals RBJ: Daubner (14./Kittinger-Östling) Winkler (19./PP-Egger-Jörgensen), Wappis (56./Jörgensen-Kainz) Goal ECB: Ch. Ban (60./Kauppila) 28.01.2017: Sportivi Ghiaccio Cortina Hafro – HC Fassa Falcons 3:0 (1:0; 0:0; 2:0) Goals Cortina: 1:0 Burton (4./R.Lacedelli-P.Rizzo); 2:0 F.Adami (48./Brace-De Biasio); 3:0 Caletti (55./PS) Qualification Round B: 28.01.2017: EC-KAC II - EK Zeller Eisbären 1:3 (1:1, 0:1, 0:1) Goal KAC: Richter (2./Kreuzer-Vallant) Goal EKZ: Wilfan (19./Scholz-Widen), Scholz (36./Pöck), Rataj (49./Scholz-Widen) 28.01.2017: WSV Sterzing Broncos Weihenstephan – HC Neumarkt Riwega 7:2 (3:0; 3:1; 1:1) Goals Sterzing: 1:0 Verreault-Paul (5./Bahensky-S.Baur); 2:0 Deanesi (7./Maffia-I.Deluca); 3:0 Bahensky (15./PP2/Stofner- Verreault-Paul); 4:0 Roupec (21./PP1/Hackhofer-Stofner); 5:0 Mantinger (26./I.Deluca); 6:1 Verreault-Paul (37./Mair-Deanesi); 7:1 Mantinger (47./I.Deluca-D.Erlacher); Goals Neumarkt: 6:1 Lundstrom (34./SH1/Gaspar); 7:2 Gabri (55./Gaspar-Nedved);

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