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Montag, 05.Dezember 2016 - 5:38
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Leader UPC Vienna Capitals celebrated in the top-clash of Erste Bank Eishockey Liga on Sunday a clear 4:0-home-win against Champion EC Red Bull Salzburg and is now already nine points ahead of their first persecutor! Also Dornbirner EC got a Shut-out-win at Fehervar AV19. Both Carinthian teams were successful at home and HCB Südtirol Alperia at Znojmo. Plus: The EISNER Auto YoungStar vote of the month November has started. VSV defends sixth place against Graz99ers EC VSV had a perfect start into their home-game against Moser Medical Graz99ers: Already in the first minute Jan Urbas scored from a rebound after a shot from Samuel Labrecque. Just 27 seconds later Markus Schlacher finished a pass from Evan McGrath for the 2:0. Villach had to play then shorthanded twice, but the 99ers could not become dangerous. When the Eagles got a Power Play they extended their lead: Jan Urbas scored after a pass from Corey Locke. In period 2 the situation on the ice was different: The Styrians now played more aggressiv and the Eagles had much problems with that. In minute 24 Markus Pirmann scored from his own rebound - 1:3. The 99ers continued to make pressure, the second goal was just a question of time: Alexander Feichtner finally finished a pass from Thomas Pöck. The Eagles then had problems to defend their lead. Period 3 was even. Villach twice had no luck: A goal by Eric Hunter was not allowed (45.) and Benjamin Petrik just hit the post (52.). The 99ers had a Power Play late in the game, but Corey Locke scored the 4:2 into the empty net. KAC stopped Black Wings KAC was the chief on the ice and made pressure from the start. After good chances from Manuel Ganahl, who failed to score alone in front of the net, Steven Strong, who hit the post or Manuel Geier, it was the Captain, who finished a perfect pass of his twin Stefan Geier (14.) for the lead. The same picture after the re-start: Kevin Kapstad and Christoph Duller fired the puck on Mike Ouzas. The next shot by Stefan Geier brought the 2:0. The hosts continued the same way and made much pressure. Linz came back after a Power Play: Dan DaSilva scored in minute 37 from a sharp angel. In period 3 EC-KAC dominated again, only the goals were missing. In a Power Play Thomas Koch finally made the 3:1 from his own rebound. Klagenfurt always had the game under control. Even the 2:3 from Joel Broda in the final minute could change that. Bulldogs get first season shutout in Fehervar A dangerous shot from Beauregard opened the game against Dornbirn. The next few minutes went mostly on in the neutral zone, without major chances on both sides. Attila Orban threatened in the middle of the period, then Dornbirn was more active in front of the net. 12 minutes into the game, Erdely got a hit at the boards and Fehervar attacked in a powerplay. After a one-timer from Sofron Maylan tried to put the puck in the net but Hardy saved. In the remaining time Fehervar dominated the game, without much action in front of the net, though. Before the end of the period, D’Alvise had to sit in the penalty box but Fehervar did not manage to put pressure on the guests’ net. The second period started on a powerplay for Fehervar, but the Hungarians did not use the opportunity. In the third minute, Crawford got a penalty but just as the previous powerplay, this did not bring much success for the home team. Siddall threatened five on five then Sziranyi shot from the blue line. In the middle of the period Dornbirn got in the lead, Schmidt shot and D’Alvise deflected the shot. The next five minutes went on with penalties, first Attila Orban, then one minute later Connelly got a penalty. Four on four Vas shot from close but Hardy saved. After a small brawl in front of the net there were no penalties. The teams didn’t play full strength for a long time, 34 minutes into the game Koger, then 3 minutes later Manavian fouled. In neither powerplay could Dornbirn score another goal and Fehervar managed to defend successfully. The Hungarians had another powerplay oppourtunity at the beginning of the third period but Sarauer and co. was short of power in front of the net. Already five on five Owens passed from the side to Sarauer but he missed. The home team wanted to tie the game desperately in the middle of the period but the defense was very disciplined and Hardy saved many great shots. 9 minutes left in the game Dornbirn had their second powerplay and they doubled the lead very quickly, Livingston put the puck in the net after the pass of Grabher Meier. Fehervar had the biggest chance to score one minute later, they attacked five on three for almost 2 minutes but apart from Schiestel and Manavian’s chances from the blue line and the breakaway of Vas, Dornbirn was the better team on ice. For the remaining time, Fehervar tried to score from the blue line and they even pulled the goalie 2 minutes before the final buzzer but Dornbirn won the game clear due to their great defense and goalie. Bozen got three points at Znojmo There was an equal match awaited in Znojmo, and so it was: Both teams had their chances. The first period started with a chance of Bozen, but Alexander Egger missed the empty net right in front of him. On the other side in minute 15 Plihal bluffed Melichercik, but he failed to score . Just a minute later David Bartos opened the scoring, while falling down to the ice. Jan Lattner could have extend the lead, but he could not overcome Melichercik’s glove in a breakaway. The second period was mainly led by the Italians, who were more active and pushed the home team to their net. Travis Oleksuk found a puck in the slot in front of Schwarz’s net and gave Znojmo’s goalie no chance to save. Znojmo then tried their best to take the lead back, but the only serious chance was by McMonagle, who performed a great blueliner which Melichercik could save only with some serious problems. The third period started better for the away team: Glenn appeared in a breakaway, but it was Schwarz’s pads which stopped him from scoring a goal. The goal came just few minutes later. Brodie Reid got an ideal pass to the top of the circle and aimed to the empty net. Bolzano then almost scored their third goal, but three players attacking Schwarz weren’t successful. Znojmo sent their goalie to bench in the last minute, but it was team Bolzano who scored the final 3:1 by Travis Oleksuk. Caps celebrated Shut-out-win in the top-clash The first period belong to the Capitals, who were rewarded in minute 13 with the 1:0. Colin Bowman scored with a big shot from the blue line. Ali Wukovits could have scored the 2:0, but he just hit the crossbar after a solo. After the re-start EC Red Bull Salzburg started stronger. Peter Hochkofler just hit the post and Alexander Cijan was stopped by Vienna goalie JP Lamoureux. On the other side Kelsey Tessier failed to make the 2:0 from a penaltyshot. The 2:0 then scored Jamie Fraser with a big shot from a sharp angel. With two more goals within just 28 seconds from Macgregor Sharp in a Powerplay and Riley Holzapfel with the next attempt Vienna decided the game already in period 2. The last 20 minutes stayed goalless, a fight between Daniel Welser and Riley Holzapfel was the highlight (55.). With this win UPC Vienna Capitals extended their lead in Erste Bank Eishockey Liga to nine points! Sun, 04.12.2016: UPC Vienna Capitals – EC Red Bull Salzburg 4:0 (1:0, 3:0, 0:0) Referees: BERNEKER, NIKOLIC M., Krausz, Nothegger, spectators: 5.150 Goals VIC: Bowman (13.), Fraser (34.), Sharp (38./pp1), Holzapfel (39.) Sun, 04.12.2016: HC Orli Znojmo – HCB Südtirol Alperia 1:3 (1:0,0:1,0:2) Referees: STERNAT, TRILAR; spectators: 2504 Goal ZNO: Bartos (16./pp) Goals HCB: Oleksuk (25., 60.), Reid (45./pp) Sun, 04.12.2016: Fehervar AV19 – Dornbirner Eishockey Club 0:2 (0:0, 0:1, 0:1) Referees: GRUBER/KIMMERLY; 3.248 spectators; Goals Dornbirn: D’Alvise (31.), Livingston (52./pp) Sun, 04.12.2016: EC-KAC – EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz 3:2 (1:0/1:1/1:0) Referees: KELLNER, PIRAGIC, Angerer, Rakovic; spectators: 2.898 Goals KAC: M. Geier (14.), St. Geier (23.), Koch (45./pp) Goals EHL: DaSilva (37.), Broda (60.) Sun, 04.12.2016: EC VSV – Moser Medical Graz 99ers 4:2 (3:0,0:2,1:0) Referees: LEMELIN/SIEGEL, spectators: 3104 Goals VSV: Urbas (1.,11.PP), Schlacher (2.), Locke (20.SH); Goals G99: Pirmann (26.) Feichtner (28.);

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