Bolzano and Villach take derby wins, Salzburg loses at home

Montag, 14.November 2016 - 5:38
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Fehervar AV19 won on Sunday at Leader EC Red Bull Salzburg 4:3 after Shoot-out. HCB Südtirol Alperia and EC VSV celebrated derby-wins. Besides HC Orli Znojmo took revenge at Ljubljana. Successful were also the Moser Medical Graz99ers and UPC Vienna Capitals.

VSV won Carinthian Derby
The first period belong to Klagenfurt, but goalie Olivier Roy was not to beat. EC VSV also had a good chance, but Corey Locke was stopped in minute 18 after a solo by goalie David Madlener. In period e the Eagles played more aggressiv. In minute 28 Locke scored the lead for Villach from a short angel. Both teams could not take advantage from a Power Play, so the hosts took a 1:0-lead into the second break. The last period belong to Villach: Jeremie Blain with a big shot and Dustin Johner scored two more goals for Villach. Klagenfurt had a big chance from Manuel Ganahl, but Olivier Roy stopped it and celebrated a Shut-out.

99ers on fire against Dornbirn
After a scoreless first period Graz got a 3:0-lead within 253 seconds thanks goals from Captain Oliver Setzinger, Brendon Nash, who scored with a big shot from the slot and Matthew Pelech, who was successful from near the left post. The Dornbirner Bulldogs got a 5-on-3-Powerplay, but goalie Thomas Höneckl stopped the guests from scoring. Early in period 3 Chris D’Alvise made the 1:3. The West-Austrians made pressure now, but Höneckl was not to beat. In minute 54 Daniel Woger decided the game for Graz. Just moments later Kurtis McLean even made the 5:1 with a rebound.

Fehervar celebrated shut-out-win at leader Salzburg
Fehervar AV19 surprised EC Red Bull Salzburg with an aggressive game and much skating. In minute 5 Bernhard Starkbaum was tested twice by Daniel Koger. Salzburg had their first chance in minute 10, but Welser and Duncan stayed unlucky. On the other side Christopher Bodo missed the open net. The first goal scored the Champion in minute 26: Peter Hochkofler was successful with a Blueliner. Just moments later Brance Orban had the big chance to equalize after a wrong pass from Alexander Cijan. This time he failed to score, but eight minutes later the Hungarian was successful and made the 1:1. Just 40 seconds later Thomas Raffl scored the lead again for the Champion. In the last period Istvan Sofron turned the game around with two goals. In the final minutes of the game Salzburg got more active again and pressured for the 3:3: Manuel Latusa first just hit the post, but then after a shot from Ryan Duncan the puck was deflected into the net by Fehervar defenseman Antonin Manavian. In the Overtime Pallestrang, Hughes and Olson (after a solo) were stopped by goalie Miklos Rajna. In the Shoot-out just Justin Mayland was successful and fixed the second road-win after Shoot-out for Fehervar AV19 this weekend. EC Red Bull Salzburg stays Leader in Erste Bank Eishockey Liga.

Caps beat Black Wings again in Overtime
EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz took the lead in Power Play. The Upper Austrians then were the more active team on the ice and made pressure, but goalie JP Lamoureux stopped Jonathan D’Aversa and Co from scoring again. Then the guests got stronger and got chances from Kelsey Tessier and Rafael Rotter, but the score stayed 1:0 for Linz. After the re-start the guests pressured for the equalizer, which Captain Jonathan Ferland made after a nice combination. Just 51 seconds later Aaron Brocklehurst beat Mike Ouzas again with a big wrist-shot (25.). Then the guests had good chance for the 3:1, but Pollastrone, Hackl, Wukovits or Nödl all failed to score. In minute 56 DanDaSilva scored the 2:2 and the game went into an Overtime, where Kelsey Tessier decided the Game for Vienna.

Znojmo took revenge at Ljubljana
Jeff Frazee returned against HC Orli Znojmo between Olimpija's pipes. With the first real shot Libor Sulak beat him after 36 seconds. The Slovenes stayed unimpressed and equalized on their first Power Play: Maks Selan scored from the blue line. After the goal Marek Schwarz was forced to make some nice saves. Than came two penalties that gave Znojmo for 1:31 minutes a two men advantage, but the „Red Eagles“ failed to use their chance. In period two the game was even, thanks to the goalies the score also remained even until 38th minute. Then a moment of unconcentration in the dragons defense was punished by the Czechs: Adam Hughesman found David Bartos, who went alone at Jeff Frazee and beat him from the left. As the teams returned from the locker room Olimpija killed off remaining 29 seconds of Gilbert Gabor's penalty. Then the dragons looked for the equalizer. First it was David Planko who got denied by Marek Schwarz from the distance. It took Znojmo a few minutes to shake the pressure off. Then Jeff Frazee had to make a save to Radek Cip. In minute 52 there was nothing he could do to stop Adam Hughesman, who scored on the rebound. The dragons had an answer: Chris Langkow got a goal back 83 seconds later. Thanks to Marek Schwarz, who was under heavy pressure, Znojmo kept the minimal lead.

Bozen won Tyrolean Derby thanks last-minute-goal
Marco Insam and Brodie Reid in a Power Play scored a quick 2:0-lead for Bozen. The Foxes had good chances for a higher lead, but Vallerand twice hit the post and Palimieri failed the net. The chances from Innsbruck were stopped by goalie Melichercik. In period 2 it was just a question of time, when the guests score the first goal: In minute 23 John Lammers found Jason DeSantis, who was free, and the defenseman had no problems to score. In a Power Play the Italians tried to extend their lead, but the Foxes did not get into the right position to take a good shot. Then Innsbruck got dangerous again and finally Austin Smith beat Melichercik from a rebound. The last period was thrilling. Frigo, Oleksuk, Palmieri missed good chances. Then Oberdörfer stopped Bishop with a foul and the referees decided Penaltyshot. The big chance for Innsbruck to get the win, but Bishop could not beat Melichercik. In minute 60, the fans already expected an Overtime, Nick Palmieri scored the Game Winner for Bozen. With this win Bozen beat and overtook Innsbruck in the ranking.

Sun, 13.11.2016: HCB Südtirol Alperia - HC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie" 3:2 (2:0 – 0:2 – 1:0)
Referees: SMETANA/STERNAT; spectators: 3939
Goals HCB: 05:17 Marco Insam (1:0) – 07:22 PP1 Brodie Reid (2:0) - 50:04 Nick Palmieri (3:2)
Goals HCI: 23:13 PP1 Jason Desantis (2:1) – 36:16 Austin Smith (2:2)

Sun, 13.11.2016: HDD Olimpija Ljubljana – HC Orli Znojmo 2:3 (1:1,0:1,1:1)
Referees: BABIC/GRUBER; spectators: 621
Goals OLL: Selan (10/pp), Langkow (53.)
Goals ZNO: Sulak (1.), Bartos (38.), Hughesman (52.)

Sun, 13.11.2016: EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz - UPC Vienna Capitals 2:3 n.V. (1:0,0:2,1:0,0:1)
Referees: BERNEKER/M. NIKOLIC; spectators: 4865
Goals EHL: Dorion (6./pp), DaSilva (56.)
Goals VIC: Ferland (24.), Brocklehurst (25.), Tessier (63.)

Sun, 13.11.2016: EC Red Bull Salzburg – Fehervar AV 19 3:4 n.P. (0:0,2:1,1:2,0:0,0:1)
Referees: GAMPER/KELLNER, spectators: 2.800 ;
Goals RBS: Hochkofler (26.), Raffl (37.), Duncan (60.)
Goals AVS: Orban (36.), Sofron (46./55./pp), Mayland (67./entsch. PS)

Sun, 13.11.2016: Moser Medical Graz99ers – Dornbirner EC 5:1 (0:0,3:0,2:1)
Referees: KINCSES/STOLC; spectators: 2632
Goals G99: Setzinger (23.), Nash (26.), Pelech (27.), Woger (54.), McLean (56.)
Goals DEC: D’Alvise (41.)

Sun, 13.11.2016: EC VSV – EC-KAC 3:0 (0:0,1:0,2:0)
Referees: NIKOLIC/PIRAGIC, spectators: 4392;
Goals VSV: Locke (28.), Blain (42.) Johner (54.);

Quelle: red/Erste Bank Eishockey Liga