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Mittwoch, 19.Oktober 2016 - 9:00
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The Top-3-clubs - Leader EC Red Bull Salzburg, UPC Vienna Capitals and EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz - got wins in round eleven on Tuesday and run away in the table. Besides EC-KAC, HC Orli Znojmo and Moser Medical Graz99ers were successful. Znojmo celebrated Comeback-win at Szekesfehervar The game started better for the home team, youngsters Kocsis, Reisz and Vincze had the first big chance. In the first five minutes, Fehervar dominated the game and the guest did not have many chances. Znojmo became better in the middle of the period, although they only had chances from the blue line. They even became better than the home team for the next minutes, however, the home team managed to score in the 12th minute, Bodo shot from the blue line. Courchaine and co. wanted to score another goal, they could even attack in the powerplay 5 minutes before the end, and Sagert managed to score from the blue line. The first chance of the second period belonged to Sarauer but he missed, and two minutes later Znojmo managed to score their first goal, it was Novak who put the puck behind Rajna. The young line of the home team was really fighting hard and threatened in the second period too. In minute 30 Znojmo had a breakaway chance, but Rajna saved. In this period, the guests had every chance to tie the game, Sulak had many chances to score from the blue line and from the crease, too. 5 minutes before the end, after a penalty, Znojmo had its first powerplay, without any great chances, though. 30 seconds were left from the second period when Sarauer passed to Bodo, who shot and the puck found its way to the net next to the pads. The refs watched the goal camera and decided that the goal was valid. Period 3 started balances, both team had chances in the first five minuted but after that the guests were better in the offense, made however mistakes in front of the net, Sarauer missed after two Czech players hit each other on the blue line. This was the only chance in front of Schwarz’s net for minutes and in minute 45 Plihal managed to score after a rebound. Znojmo seemed to be the better team with the better chances in the third period as in minute 50 the puck got in the net after a shot from the corner from Vodny’s stick. The Hungarians, who were better in the first 40 minutes, woke up after the goal, first Vas, then Manavian and Sofron threatened. The teams were almost ready for the overtime when Plihal got the puck in front of the net, shot, but Rajna saved. In the remaining time, the game went on in front of his net, too but Lakos and Co. could not score. Right after the puckdrop in the overtime, Sulak decided the game. 99ers with Shut-out-win against Bozen After a few minutes HCB Südtirol Alperia started to get the upper hand of the game at Graz. The best chance for the Foxes had Travis Oleksuk, who was stopped after a solo by goalie Sebastian Dahm. Also after the re-start the Italians were the chief on the ice first. But then after a check the plexiglass broke and the following „break“ behave the 99ers better: When the game continued Kyle Beach quickly deflected the puck after a shot from Thomas Pöck for the lead. And just moments later Ken Ograjensek finished a nice combination with Kurtis McLean and Daniel Woger backhand into the upper corner even for the 2:0. Seven minutes before the end Marco Insam could have made the game thrilling again, but he just hit the post. The Moser Medical Graz99ers defended their lead well in period three, Forward Oliver Setzinger even made the 3:0 into the empty net. Caps with next road-win at Dornbirn The UPC Vienna Capitals had a good start in Dornbirn: Already in minute 5 Jonathan Ferland was alone in front of Hardy and scored the lead. In a Power Play Dornbirn threatened, but failed to equalize. The Caps on the other side took advantage from their first Power Play in minute 22. The Bulldogs had a quick answer: In a Power Play situation Jamie Arniel finished a pass from Chris D’Alvise – 1:2. Both teams fighted now. Riley Holzapfel came close to score the 3:1. On the other side Kevin Schmidt outplayed a defenseman und made the equalizer. The guests from Vienna stayed unimpressed and could take the lead again thanks a goal from Jerry Pollastrone (53.) - 3:2. The west-club tried hard to come back again, but Vienna defended their lead until the end. Olimpija lost to KAC at home Opening period was evenly played and saw same chances on both sides. Right away Olimpija had a man advantage that was left unused. KAC followed the suit on their two attempts. Just as Miha Zajc got back from the penalty box Marco Brucker put the red and white ahead. As the teams returned from the locker room both goalies didn't bring their game along with them. Sacha Guimond netted the equaliser in 26th minute. KAC replied swiftly. 31 seconds later Jamie Lundmark scored shorthanded. Before the visitors were back to full strength Anze Ropret made it 2:2. The Mark Hurtubise took the spotlight with two goals of his own. Anze Ropret matched him before the hosts took one more penalty. They managed to kill it. Still KAC took a two goal lead into the final intermission thanks to Johannes Bischofberger. 22 year old netted his 6th goal of the season with 15 seconds remaining in the period. Not letting anything up for a surprise KAC got the better start in the final period. After few minutes Olimpija got back on even terms and started producing a chances of their own. Than Manuel Ganahl made a holding the stick foul. Olimpija tried to press forward. But in the dying seconds of their power play they made a mistake. Quickly Jamie Lundmark made them pay with his second shorthanded goal of the night. Then ended up being a final score of the game. The teams will face off again on Friday, this time in Klagenfurt. Red Bulls beat VSV in final push It was an open exchange of blows right from the beginning with both teams generating chances. After six minutes Benjamin Petrik opened the scoring and the hosts continued to press, trying to double the score. Kevin Wehrs came close when only hitting the post. At the other end Alexander Rauchenwald failed to score because of Lukas Herzog’s big save. With one minute to go in the first Layne Viveiros tied it at one off a John Hughes pass. There were just a few chances in the middle frame. After 39 minutes Miha Verlic had a good solo attempt but his shot went wide and the period ended goalless. In the third the visitors upped the tempo but injury-hit Villach gave everything. With four minutes to go Daniel Welser turned the game around and the hosts were not able to come back once again. Alexander Cijan made the game safe and Welser added another goal for a 4:1 away win. Linz wins goal festival against Innsbruck Both teams had some good chances early in the game and after six minutes Dan DaSilva made the breakthrough. The Black Wings doubled the lead on power play thanks to Joel Broda who fired a hard shot into the top corner. Innsbruck was always dangerous on breakaways, and late in the period Ondrej Sedivy only struck metalwork. After the restart the hosts added an early third goal when Lebler finished a nice combination. Just a few minutes later Mario Lamoureux got the guests on the scoreboard and nothing was decided yet. The sharks had the momentum and pressed for the second but Florian Janny stopped all shots. With three minutes left in the second, Broda even restored the three-goal lead on a breakaway. It was again Broda who opened the scoring in the third, celebrating his first hat trick for the Black Wings. Manuel Litterbacher replaced Andy Chiodo in Innsbruck’s net and soon after they were back in the game. Benedikt Schennach and John Lammers found the back of the net within 13 seconds but they still needed two goals. With three minutes they pulled their netminder, waiting too long for the next goal. With four seconds left Sedivy pulled one back but it was not enough with Linz earning a tight 5:4 win. Erste Bank Eishockey Liga, round 11: Tue, 18.10.2016: HDD Olimpija Ljubljana - EC-KAC 3:6 (0:1, 3:4, 0:1) Referees: PIRAGIC/KINCSES, spectators: 855 Goals Ljubljana: Guimond (26.), Ropret (27./pp, 37.) Goals Klagenfurt: Brucker (15.), Lundmark (26./sh, 56./sh), Hurtubise (30., 33.), Bischofberger (40.) Tue, 18.10.2016: EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz – HC TWK Innsbruck „Die Haie“ 5:4 (2:0, 2:1, 1:3) Referees: M. NIKOLIC/SIEGEL, spectators: 4.600 Goals Linz: DaSilva (6.), Broda (13./ppt, 37., 45.), Lebler (21.) Goals Innsbruck: Lamoreux (25.), Schennach (48.), Lammers (48.), Sedivy (60.) Tue, 18.10.2016: EC VSV – EC Red Bull Salzburg 1:4 (1:1, 0:0, 0:3) Referees: KELLNER/TRILAR; spectators: 2.740; Goal VSV: Petrik (7.); Goals RBS: Viveiros (19.); Welser (56., 59./en); Cijan (58.); Tue, 18.10.2016: Dornbirner Eishockey Club – UPC Vienna Capitals 2:3 (0:1, 1:1, 1:1) Referees: BERNEKER, LEMELIN; spectators: 2510 Goals DEC: 1:2 Arniel (24./pp), 2:2 Schmidt (49.) Goals VIC: 0:1 Ferland (5.), 0:2 Vause (22./pp), 2:3 Pollastrone (53.) Tue, 18.10.2016: Moser Medical Graz99ers – HCB Südtirol Alperia 3:0 (0:0,2:0,1:0) Referees: GRUBER, SMETANA; spectators: 1878 Goals G99: Beach (34.), Ograjensek (36.), Setzinger (57./EN) Tue, 18.10.2016: Fehervar AV19 – HC Orli Znojmo 3:4 n.V. (2:0,1:1,0:2,0:1) Referees: K. NIKOLIC, ZRNIC; spectators: 2646 Goals AVS: Bodo (13., 40.), Sagert (17./pp) Goals ZNO: Novak (24.), Plihal (46.), Vodny (51.), Sulak (61.)

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