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Samstag, 15.Oktober 2016 - 9:05
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HC Orli Znojmo beat EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz 5:2 and got their first home-win! Fehervar A19 won at Vienna 4:3 and got their first road-win. HCB Südtirol Alperia celebrated at Klagenfurt their sixth win in a row and is already third in the ranking. HDD Olimpija Ljubljana surprised Moser Medical Graz99ers. Besides EC VSV won a goal festival vs. Innsbruck 6:5 in Overtime.

Dominant start earns Znojmo a victory over Linz
Znojmo opened the game in a dominant fashion and Florian Janny in the visitor´s net had a tough and busy start to the game. Just 62 seconds into the game, Radek Cip scored with a backhand shot that found a way into the net by the near post. At 4:33, Roman Tomas found speed in the neutral zone, skated past the defenseman and slotted home for 2:0. And just two minutes later, video review confirmed a good goal by Michal Vodny, his first Erste Bank Eishockey Liga success, deflecting Sulak´s shot from the air. As if this wasn´t enough, there was still a lot of time for a dominant Znojmo team to score the fourth goal, thanks to Radek Cip who deflected a shot by Da Costa past helpless Janny. After the break Linz found some footing and evened the play, yet chances were rare to find on either side. But the improved performance by the Black Wings deserved a goal and they got it late in the period thanks to Brett McLean and his close-range rebound. Any potential drama was quickly put out by Patrik Novak and his quick slapshot from the point. The third period was very similar to the second one, Linz improved their play in comparison to the first period but all they could do was pull one goal back, this time thanks to a powerplay goal by Dan DaSilva who found space in the slot and fired home past Nechvatal.

Ljubljana surprises 99ers
None of the teams wanted to take too much risk going into the game. Adis Alagic and Matt Pelech gave the fans same excitement with just over 8 minutes gone with a fight. The best chance for the 99ers came in minute 13, when Oliver Setzinger skated at Jeff Frazee but Olimpija's keeper came out of the duel as the winner. The breakthrough for Ljubljana came then in 18th minute: From the blue line Jonathan Harty opened the scoring. In the first half of the 2nd period the Styrians had two Power Plays, but failed to take an advantage of them. Same happened to the Dragons, when 99ers took two minor penalties. Finally on a 5-on-3 Power Play Oliver Setzinger blasted one past Jeff Frazee. With the score tied the teams left for the final intermission. Looking for a goal that would take them ahead both teams had some chances in the final 20 minutes. In minute 44th Jeff Frazze once more denied Oliver Setzinger in fashion. Few minutes later Sebastian Dahm did the same against Raphael Bussieres after his solo breakaway. Both teams had some more chances, but the keepers were not to beat. As the end neared Olimpija had one more Power Play. Once more the Dragons weren't able to convert it. When Peter Weihager returned from the penalty box the 99ers had two great chances to net the game winner. Somehow Jeff Frazze and his defence managed to keep the puck in play and the game ended in a 1:1 draw after 60 minutes. Then the game went into overtime: There Chris Langkow feed to Sacha Guimond who beat Sebastian Dahm from the right for Olimpija's second win of the season in minute 66.

Bozen wins also at Klagenfurt
The first minutes belong to EC-KAC, but the first goals scored HCB Südtirol Alperia: Jesse Root deflected the puck after a shot of Ryan Glenn through the legs of goalie David Madlener. The Carinthians tried to answer, but again stroke Bozen: Anton Bernard missed the net, but the puck came to Dennis Kearney, who had an easy job to make the 2:0. Klagenfurt took advantage from a Power Play to score their first goal from Jamie Lundmark. In the final minute of period one Mark Hurtubise was alone in front of Melichercik, but passed back instead of taking a shot. Early in period 2 Brodie Reid made the 3:1 from a rebound. Klagenfurt stayed inefficient: After a solo in a shorthanded situation Stefan Geier failed to score the 2:3. Klagenfurt tried to come back in the last period too, but the Red Jackets were to inaccurate and uncertain in their offense. Also the last rush brought no success. On the other side Ryan Glenn even had the chance to score the 4:1, but he could not beat goalie Madlener. It did not matter. Bozen won at Klagenfurt 3:1, celebrated the sixth win in a row and is third!

VSV wins goal festival against Innsbruck
Both teams had their good moments in period 1. The first great chance got Villach in minute 10, but Brock McBride was stopped by Andy Chiodo after a solo with a great catch. Innsbruck then took advantage from a Power Play to take the lead in minute 16. After the re-start Stefan Bacher equalized for Villach with a big shot from the blue line. The two teams were on Fire now: Just two minutes later Andrew Clark scored the lead again for the Sharks. But it did not take long and Villach made the 2:2: 16 years young Forward Benjamin Lanzinger had an easy job to score the equalizer after a great solo of Christof Kromp. Then it were the guests from Innsbruck, who stroke again: Mario Huber and Clark gave their team a 4:2-lead thanks two goals within 32 seconds. The Eagles did not give up and came back into the game thanks a goal from Kromp in minute 47. Then Eagle Patrick Platzer made a boarding foul. In the following Power Play Lubomir Stach made the 5:3 for HCI. Villach did not give up and was rewarded with a late comeback thanks goals from Samuel Labrecque in a Power Play (59.) and Dustin Johner (59.). In the Overtime Labrecque even fixed the 6:5-Overtime-win for EC VSV.

Fehervar AV19 got first road-win 2016/17 at Vienna
UPC Vienna Capitals made the game, but Fehervar AV19 the goals: Christopher Bodo with a shot from the right side and Kevin Sagert with a Blueliner in a Power Play gave the Hungarians a 2:0-lead. The Caps made the game also after the re-start: Finally in minute 30 Macgregor Sharp was successful from a short distance after a perfect pass from Jonathan Ferland. The hosts then pressured for the 2:2: In a Power Play Kelsey Tessier finished a nice combination with McKiernan for the 2:2. Period 3 was even played, both teams had their chances: With a placed shot Istvan Sofron scored the lead again for Fehervar AV19 in minute 49. Just a few minutes later Adam Courchaine even made the 4:2 with a shot under the crossbar. Andreas Nödl quickly answered with the 3:4 after a mistake in the Fehervar-defense. In the final minutes the Caps pushed for the 4:4, but goalie Miklos Rajna was not to beat anymore. Fehervar AV19 won at Vienna 4:3 and celebrated their first road-win 2016/17.

Erste Bank Eishockey Liga, round 9:
Fri, 14.10.2016: UPC Vienna Capitals – Fehervar AV19 3:4 (0:2, 2:0, 1:2)
Referees: LEMELIN, NIKOLIC; Gatol, Seewald; spectators: 3.450
Goals VIC: Sharp (30.), Tessier (34./pp), Nödl (56.)
Goals AVS: Bodo (13.), Sagert (20./pp), Sofron (49.), Courchaine (56.)

Fri, 14.10.2016: EC VSV – HC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie" 6:5 n.V. (0:1,2:3,3:1,1:0)
Referees: KINCSES/TRILAR, spectators: 2964;
Goals VSV: Bacher (26.), Lanzinger (33.), Kromp (53.pp), Johner (59.) Labrecque (59.pp, 67.)
Goals HCI: Bishop (18.,pp), Clark (28., 38.), Huber (38.), Stach (57.pp)

Fri, 14.10.2016: HDD Olimpija Ljubljana – Moser Medical Graz99ers 2:1 n.V. (1:0,0:1,0:0,1:0)
Referees: GRUBER, ZRNIC; spectators: 811
Goals OLL: Harty (18.), Guimond (65.)
Goal G99: Setzinger (36./pp2)

Fri, 14.10.2016: HC Orli Znojmo – EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz 5:2 (4:0,1:1,0:1)
Referees: BABIC, SMETANA; spectators: 3.017
Goals ZNO: Cip (2., 17./pp), Tomas (5.), Vodny (7.), Novak (38.)
Goals EHL: McLean (35.), DaSilva (53.)

Fri, 14.10.2016: EC-KAC – HCB Südtirol Alperia 1:3 (1:2/0:1/0:0)
Referees: BULOVEC, PIRAGIC, Angerer, Zgonc, spectators: 2.913
Goal KAC: Lundmark (15./pp)
Goals HCB: Root (10.), Kearney (13.), Reid (21.)

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