Znojmo clinches first win of the season

Montag, 03.Oktober 2016 - 5:29
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HC Orli Znojmo celebrated on Sunday at Graz their first season-win. The UPC Vienna Capitals stay leader after winning also their sixth game against HDD Olimpija Ljubljana. HCB Südtirol Alperia surprised at Salzburg. Successful were also EC VSV, EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz and EC-KAC. Besides the EISNER Auto YoungStar vote of the month September has started! ZNOJMO GETS FIRST SEASON-WIN AT GRAZ HC Orli Znojmo tried in Graz everything to get the first season-win. 99ers-goalie Sebastian Dahm was tested several times: In minute 11 Peter Pucher scored from a rebound. The best chance to equalize for the Styrians had Ken Ograjensek, who missed the open net after a rebound (17.). In period 2 both teams could not produce really good scoring-chances. And in the last 20 minutes the Czechs had no big problems to secure their first win. The „Red Eagles“ could have won even higher in Graz, but missed some good chances: So did Radek Cip after a solo. EAGLES WITH SHOOT-OUT-WIN OVER DORNBIRN A Powerplay-goal by Evan McGrath from short distance in minute 17 brought life into the game between EC VSV and Dornbirner EC. Christof Kromp was stopped with a foul after the re-start and from the penaltyshot the Youngster made the 2:0. Dornbirn came back quickly and equalized with goals from James Livingston and Christopher D’Alvise. The Bulldogs continued in period 3, where the stopped before the break and added two more goals. The Eagles scored a late goal by Mikko Jokela. Now the game was thrilling again. Villach pushed for the equalizer with an extra-skater and was rewarded with the 4:4 from Samuels Labrecque in minute 60! In the Shoot-out Cory Locke fixed the win for EC VSV. BOZEN SURPRISES AT SALZBURG The first big chance of the game had Thomas Raffl for Champion EC Red Bull Salzburg, but then HCB Südtirol Alperia was the chief on the ice: Ryan Glenn made already in minute 15 the 1:0. Salzburg on the other side found no way through the strong HCB-defense. Period 2 brought the same picture on the ice: Dennis Kearney made the 2:0 from a rebound. The Foxes then missed to score the 3:0 in a 5-on-3-Powerplay. Andrew Yogan could have decided the game twice at the beginning of period 3. It did not matter, because Salzburg woke up to late, scored just once by Brett Olson in minute 58. KAC STAYS UNBEATEN AT HOME The first period between Klagenfurt and Innsbruck brought no goals. After the re-start Johannes Bischofberger and Jamie Lundmark quickly scored twice within 80 seconds and gave Klagenfurt a 2:0-lead. The Sharks didn‘t give up: Tyler Spurgeon deflected the puck after a shot from John Lammers for the 1:2. Late in the second period Mario Lamoureux lost the puck to Ziga Pance, who scored easy the 3:1 for Klagenfurt. Early in the third period Manuel Ganahl failed to beat Andy Chiodo and to decide the game earlier. On the other side Mario Huber scored the 2:3. A 5 Minute + Game Misconduct penalty for Innsbrucks Hunter Bishop helped Klagenfurt to bring the win home. BLACK WINGS SUCCESSFUL IN HUNGARY The first period started better for the away team, Linz had more chances in the first five minutes. After a fight between Janos Vas and Rob Hisey Fehervar could attack in a powerplay but it was not the home team to score, Oberkofler could skate one on one to Rajna’s net and scored 7 mintues after the puckdrop. With both teams missing powrplays in the first period, Linz stayed the better team in front of the net for the rest, despite having more shots on goal, Fehervar missed quality chances and Linz created better ones. Fehervar came more aggressive in the second period, playing more offensively and creating more chances. 2 minutes into the second period, after Maylan’s shot on Janny’s net Vas tied the game. Linz started to play faster and more offensive after the goal, and within 7 minutes they scored 3 goals. First McLean, then Gaffal and finally Broda put the puck behind Rajna but the home team didn’t seem to give up. In the fast-paced second period, Courchaine and co. threatened in front of Janny’s net more than in the first, however, 2 minutes before the buzzer McLean was left alone in front of Rajna and he scored his second, and his team’s 5th goal. Linz left no chance for the home team in the third period either, in the first 10 minutes Fehervar had almost no chances but the Austrians also slowed down the pace of the game. Both teams had the chance to attack in powerplay but neither of them could create any big chances. Rajna kept the hope for the Hungarians alive, but the team didn’t seem to find a way to score until the 58th minute. Youngster Daniel Szabo scored with a blueliner but the game still resulted in the first home game loss for the Hungarians. CAPS BEAT LJUBLJANA AND STAY ON THE TOP UPC Vienna Capitals got off a great start with Captain Jonathan Ferland opening the scoring after only 97 seconds. Ljubljana became dangerous for the first time after seven minutes when Nik Pem barely missed his target. Another seven minutes the visitors did better with Kristaps Bazevics tying the game at one on power play. Just before the first intermission, Riley Holzapfel restored Vienna’s lead. Both teams created chances after the restart but they were not able to find the back of the net. Olimpija even wasted a two men advantage for two minutes and on the other end the Caps scored another late goal by Aaron Brocklehurst. There were just a few highlights in the third and after 57 minutes Jerry Pollastrone added a fourth on a break for a final 4:1 win. Erste Bank Eishockey Liga, round 6: Sun, 02.10.2016: Fehervar AV19 – EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz 2:5 (0:1, 1:4, 1:0) Referees: BABIC, TRILAR, Nagy, Rakovic; spectators: 2.659 Goals Fehervar: Vas (22.), Szabo (58.) Goals Linz: Oberkofler (7./sh), McLean (28., 40.), Gaffal (33.), Broda (36.) Sun, 02.10.2016: UPC Vienna Capitals – HDD Olimpija Ljubljana 4:1 (2:1, 1:0, 1:0) Referees: KINCSES, NIKOLIC, Kontschieder, Nemeth; spectators: 2.850 Goals VIC: Ferland (2.), Holzapfel (19.), Brocklehurst (40./pp), Pollastrone (57.) Goals OLL: Bazevics (16.) Sun, 02.10.2016: EC-KAC – HC TWK Innsbruck „Die Haie“ 3:2 (0:0/3:1/0:1) Referees: BERNECKER, KELLNER; Spectators: 2.618 Goals KAC: Bischofberger (22.), Lundmark (24./pp), Pance (38.) Goals HCI: Spurgeon (30.), Huber (49.) Sun, 02.10.2016: EC Red Bull Salzburg – HCB Südtirol Alperia 1:2 (0:1,0:1,1:0) Referees: GAMPER/STOLC, spectators: 2.200 ; Goal RBS: Olson (59.) Goals HCB: Glenn (15.), Kearney (25.) Sun, 02.10.2016: EC VSV – Dornbirner EC 5:4 n.P (1:0,1:2,2:2, Penalty3:2) Referees: SMETANA/ZRNIC, spectators: 2987 Goals VSV: McGrath (18.pp), Kromp (25.), Jokela (58.), Labrecque (60.), Locke (67./entsch. Penalty) Goals DEC: Livingston (31.), D´Alvise (20., 48.), Arniel (43.) Sun, 02.10.2016: Moser Medical Graz99ers – HC Orli Znojmo 0:1 (0:1,0:0,0:0) Referees: GRUBER, K. NIKOLIC; spectator: 1865 Goal ZNO: Pucher (11.)

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