Val Pusteria still unbeaten, Lustenau takes first win

Mittwoch, 21.September 2016 - 5:30

Two games, two duels Austria vs. Italy were on the schedule for Tuesday. The EHC Alge Elastic Lustenau saved their first three points by winning 4:2 against SSI Vipiteno Broncos Weihenstephan. At the second duel the Italian team Lupi HC Val Pusteria land their second full success in the second game by winning 6:5 at FBI VEU Feldkirch. EHC Alge Elastic Lustenau – SSI Vipiteno Broncos 4:2 After a lightning start the EHC Lustenau took after two minutes the lead. After a perfect serve by Petr Vala, Dominik Oberscheider scored the first goal of the game. But the happiness is shortlived, only one minute later SSI Vipiteno Broncos tied the game. A power play goal in minute six gave the Italians the lead in the first period. The second period was dominated by Lustenau. It was Petr Vala who broke through and could only be stopped by a foul. The penalty shot was no problem for Vala who tied the game again. Lustenau was still the controlling team. After 27 minutes the aggressive work paid off and Max Wilfan scored the third goal for the Austrians. Despite couple of further chances there were no further goals in the period. At the beginning of the final period Johannes Lins scored a scoop from the blue line. This was the decision, Lustenau played cleverly the clock and waited for counter attacks. Some penalties in the last minutes didn’t chance the score anymore. FBI VEU Feldkirch – Lupi HC Val Pusteria 5:6 The FBI VEU Feldkirch celebrated the first Alps Hockey League homegame against Lupi HC Val Pusteria. In the first period the Austrians couldn’t hold the pace of the guests of Italy. Two quick goals of Maximilian Lancsar and Shane Wiebe brought an early 2:0 lead. But only one minute later Feldkirch managed to reduce the deficit, Dustin Parks scored to the 1:2. Shortly before the first period ended Elias Thum increased again to the 2:0 lead. Also in the second period the guests had the better start- Alex De Lorenzo meo and again Wiebe scored the goals four and five. Than Feldkirch was able to put more pressure on the ice and started the race to catch up. Dylan Stanley and Kevin Puschnik reduced to 3:5 after 40 minutes. In the final period it took more than 15 minutes before the the fans had a reason to celebrate again. During a power play situation Steven Birnstill scored – Feldkich only trailed by one anymore. But only one minute later Raphael Andergasse had the perfect answer and scored for the two goal lead. Feldkirch increased pressure again and Christoph Draschkovic succeeded two minutes before the end of the game. But it was not enough to force the overtime. 20.09.2016: EHC Alge Elastic Lustenau – SSI Vipiteno Broncos 4:2 (1:2, 2:0, 1:0) Goals Lustenau: Oberscheider (3.), Vala (23.), Wilfan (28./pp), Lins (44.), Goals Broncos: Tschimben (3.), Verreault-Paul (6./pp.), 20.09.2016: FBI VEU Feldkirch – Lupi HC Val Pusteria 5:6 (1:3, 2:2, 2:1) Goals Feldkirch: Parks (5.), Stanley (27.), Puschnik (34./pp.), Birnstill (56./pp.), Draschkowitz (58.) Goals Val Pusteria: Lancsar (3./pp.), Wiebe (4., 23./pp.), Thum (19.), De lorenzo meo (23.), Andergassen (57.)

Quelle: red/Erste Bank Eishockey Liga