Three shutouts on EBEL Sunday

Montag, 19.September 2016 - 5:42
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EC VSV (vs. HC Orli Znojmo), EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz (at Bozen) and EC Red Bull Salzburg (vs. EC-KAC) got Shut-out-wins on Sunday. Successful were also Fehervar AV19 and HC TWK Innsbruck “Die Haie”. VSV DEFENDS TOP-SPOT The EC VSV defeats the HC Orli Znojmo with 6:0 and defends the top of the league position. McGrath with double strike and Roy celebrated first shutout win.The EC VSV started with high pressure. The first shut onto the goal came from Znojmo, but from this time on the blue and whites took full control. The hosts had a couple of good chances. Miha Verlic was the first who succeeded after eleven minutes. Only 51 seconds later Brock McBride increased the lead to 2:0 after an assist of Christof Kromp. In the second period both teams had troubles to create chances. 47 seconds before the end of the period Corey Locke succeeded with his first goal for the EC VSV. After 40 minutes there was a score of 3:0 for the hosts. The final period was dominated by Villach. In the 47th minute Valentin Leiler succeeded with a powerful shot in the short corner. Two minutes later Evan McGrath increased the lead to 5:0. The finale was provided by McGrath for a result of 6:0. BLACK WINGS WITH SHUTOUT SUCCESS IN BOZEN The LIWEST Black Wings Linz score their first three points in the new season. On the road at HCB Südtirol Alperia the upper-austrians won by 6:0. The game was interrupted in the third minute because of a broken Perspex disc. When the game was continued, the Foxes started with high pressure and had a good period. The ony thing missing were goals. Many chances of Bozen were killed by Linz Goaly Ouzas. Linz started with a better focus into the second period. In the 22 minute a shot of Lebler was blocked, but Fabio Hofer had a good reaction and scored the first goal of the game. In the 25th minute it was Hofer again who broke through and the only way to stop him was a foul – the referee decided for a penalty, Hofer weren’t able to score. Than the foxes put pressure towards the goal of Linz again, but still weren’t able to score. Two minutes before the end of the period Linz scored the second goal of the game. Dan DaSilva scored a perfect pass of Rob Hisey. In the final period Bozen run out of energy a bit. The Black Wings had a compact defense and waited for the conter. A combination between Sasilva, Palin and Broda led to the 3:0. Four minutes before the end of the game HCB Südtirol Alperia tried it with six field-players but still weren’t able to score. In the last minute the away team scored two more time. Hofer and Gaffal produced the result of 5:0. FEHERVAR WON HOME-OPENER The first period started better for the home team, Fehérvár played more offensively in the first period. Maylan, Sarauer then Sofron threatened in front of the green-white net in the first minutes but they didn’t manage to score. The heated game brought some fights as well, both teams were eager to win from the first minute. The home team scored the first goal, Adam Courchaine, the former DEL topscorer didn’t miss in the 10th minute (1-0). Fehervar had more chances in the remaining time in the first period, however, after a lucky shot by Hazdic, the scoreboard showed 1-1 2 minutes later. The last 5 minutes broght more chances in front of the guest net, Courchaine, Bodo and Koger could have scored. The second period sharted with a powerplay for the home team but neither Fehérvár nor Ljubljana, who got another powerplay 2 mintues later couldn’t score. The team continued in the second period where they left off in the first, with the home team having more chances in front of Raisp’s net. Erdely’s goal started the third period, who got a nice pass from youngster Sárpátki in the first minute. Both teams had the chance to score in the remaining time, two minutes before the buzzer Ljubljana tried to score in the powerplay but they couldn’t score on Hetenyi, who played well during the game. Fehervar won its first home game in the new season. RED BULLS CELEBRATED SHUT-OUT-WIN EC Red Bull Salzburg and EC-KAC didn’t produce many really good scoring-chances in the first half of the game. While Manuel Ganahl just hit the crossbar, Layne Viveiros finally scored the lead for Salzburg quickly after winning the Bully just moments later on the other side in minute 37! After the second re-start the Champion quickly tried to add another goal. The decision finally came in minute 55, when Manuel Latusa scored the 2:0. The Red Bulls could have won then even higher, but Bobby Raymond just hit the post and Manuel Latusa failed to score into the empty net. SHARKS WON WEST-DERBY After an equal start HC TWK Innsbruck „Die Haie“ in the west-derby against Dornbirn got then more and more the upper hand of the game. This ended in two late goals from Andrew Clark (18.) and Hunter Bishop (20.). After the re-start Austin Smith had the big chance to extend the lead. Then also the Bulldogs got more dangerous, but failed to beat HCI-goalie Andy Chiodo. Finally in minute 32 Martin Grabher Meier made the 1:2 after a pass from Nick Crawford. The hosts stayed unimpressed and answered quickly with two goals within 43 seconds from John Lammers and Youngster Mario Huber, who was successful after a solo. Early in the third period Hunter Bishop even made the 5:1 and the three points were fixed for the Tyroleans. Erste Bank Eishockey Liga: Sun, 18.09.2016: EC Red Bull Salzburg – EC-KAC 2:0 (0:0,1:0,1:0) Referees: K. NIKOLIC, SMETANA; spectatos: 3.108 Goals RBS: Viveiros (37.), Latusa (55.) Sun, 18.09.2016: Fehervar AV19 – HDD Olimpija Ljubljana 2:1 (1:1,0:0,1:0) Referees: ZRNIC, PIRAGIC; spectators: 2468 Goals AVS: Courchaine (11.), Erdely (42.) Goal OLL: Hadzic (13.) Sun, 18.09.2016: HC TWK Innsbruck „Die Haie“ – Dornbirner EC 5:2 (2:0,2:1,1:1) Referees: BERNEKER, GAMPER; spectators: 2.400 Goals HCI: Clark (18.), Bishop (20., 41.), Lammers (38.), Huber (38.) Goals DEC: Grabher-Meier (32.), Arniel (46.) Sun, 18.09.2016: EC VSV – HC Orli Znojmo 6:0 (2:0, 1:0, 3:0) Referees: Referees: FICHTINGER, NIKOLIC, Kaspar, Seewald, Spectators: 2.948 Goals VSV: Verlic (11.), Mcbride (12./pp.), Locke (40.), Leiler (47.), McGrath (49., 58.) Sun, 18.09.2016: HCB Südtirol Alperia – EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz 0:5 (0:0, 0:2, 0:3) Referees: Referees: STOLC, TRILAR, Kontschieder, Zgons, Spectators: 2.662 Goals EHC: Hofer (22., 59.), Da Silva (39.), Broda (53.), Gaffal (60.)

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