Bolzano and Linz with big comebacks on Friday

Samstag, 30.Januar 2016 - 9:12
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HCB Südtirol was the only international team getting two points on Friday in Erste Bank Eishockey Liga’s third game day of intermediate round. The South Italians come back late against Dornbirn, earning an overtime win. HC Orli Znojmo had a similar course of the game in Linz, suffering a shootout defeat. In addition, Fehervar AV19 and HDD Olimpija Ljubljana had no chance in their road games. Linz celebrates comeback win against Znojmo The fans in Linz saw a thrilling game on Friday night. The hosts had a couple of chances early but they were not able to put the puck over the line. Znojmo did better, scoring three goals within only six minutes: Marek Spacek made the breakthrough and also Roman Tomas and Ondrej Fiala found the back of the net. Linz was shocked but Andrew Kozek pulled one back on power play. After Grant Lewis, who made his comeback that day, got injured again, the home team made it 2:3 with Sebastien Piche sending a bomb into the net. But only 31 seconds later Radek Cip restored the two-goal advantage on a rebound. With another one man advantage, Linz came back thanks to Brett McLean who even tied the game in the third. With no more goals in regulation, there was an exciting overtime with both teams hitting the post. It went tot he shootout, where Jason Ulmer was the hero after scoring the decisive 5:4 goal. Bolzano broke the spell late to get a home win In Bolzano, Matt Siddall opened the scoring for the visitors from Dornbirn. While the home team failed because of David Madlener, who did brilliantly in the DEC net, the visitors doubled the lead in the middle frame with Jamie Arniel deflecting a D’Aversa shot. Bolzano had the better of the play in the third, but with five minutes to go the Bulldogs still had the 2:0 lead. Then, Jerry Pollastrone got his team on the scoreboard and in the final push, Matthew Pope sent the game to overtime. In the extra session, Nick Palmieri decided the game for the foxes, who earned a great comeback win. Caps only need one goal in Salzburg One goal decided the all-time classic between EC Red Bul Salzburg and UPC Vienna Capitals. With four minutes to go in the first, Gamache surprised Bulls goalie from sharp angle fort he only goal. The Viennese played a solid road game, having a lot of chances in the first 40 minutes. They even scored late in the middle, but it was a no goal call because of goaltender interference. While Whitmore also missed a penalty shot, the hosts came close to tie the game in the third but Nathan Lawson performed well, celebrating a shutout in the end. Innsbruck too strong for Slovenian Team HDD Telemach Olimpija Ljubljana went into the game in Innsbruck for the first time ever in Erste Bank Eishockey Liga with a team with just Slovenian players. Innsbruck took advantage from a Power Play to take the lead in minute 9: Nick Schaus scored with an Onetimer. 78 seconds later Nick Ross made the 2:0. Then Nik Pem could score the 1:2, but just moments later John Lammers answered with the 3:1. Also after the re-start the Sharks dominated the game, but the Tyroleans just hit the post. The goal was scored on the other side: Matej Hocevar made it 2:3 with a deflected shot. In the next minutes the Tyroleans were on Fire again and scored four goals from Hunter Bishop (2x), Jeff Ulmer and Tyler Spurgeon within five minutes – 7:2. Seconds before the second break Matej Hocevar was successful again for the green Dragons in a Power Play. In the last period Innsbruck controlled the game, Hunter Bishop even made his third goal in this game for the final 8:3. Fehervar comeback came to late in Klagenfurt With two early goals within 32 seconds from Thomas Pöck (4.) and Oliver Setzinger (5.) EC-KAC took a quick 2:0-lead against Fehervar AV19. Klagenfurt now dominated the game and extended the lead until minute 23 with goals from Manuel Geier, Patrick Harand and Manuel Ganahl to 5:0. This was enough for the Red Jackets and so they switched back one gear. Fehervar AV19 came up and could score the 1:5 after a break from Daniel Koger. Just a few minutes later Klagenfurt scored their sixth goal: Daniel Ban poked the puck in. In the last period the Hungarians took advantage from a Powerplay to score the 2:6. Then the guests got some extra-boost and could score two more goals from Istvan Bartalis and Frank Banham in the final minutes, but in the end EC-KAC celebrated a 6:4-win. VSV beat also Graz EC VSV had the better start and good chances from Christoph Kromp (2.) and Eric Hunter (4.) early in the game. Finally in minute 6 Miha Verlic outplayed three 99ers and scored then into the upper corner. Then the 99ers got stronger and stronger and could equalize: Roland Kaspitz was free in the Slot and scored. After the re-start Kaspitz even scored the lead for the Styrians. But Villach had an answer: Ryan McKiernan shot the puck under the crossbar. Then VSV-goalie Lamoureux stopped Zusevics after a solo and Philipp Pinter failed to score from close range, while Villach took advantage from a Power Play: Eric Hunter poked the puck in for the final 3:2. Erste Bank Eishockey Liga, 3. Qualification Round: Fri, 29.01.2016: EC VSV – Moser Medical Graz99ers 3:2 (1:1,1:1,1:0) Referees: KELLNER/KINCSES, spectators: 3.432 Goals VSV: Verlic (6.), McKiernan (32./pp1), Hunter (52./pp) Goals G99: Kaspitz (18.,23.) Fri, 29.01.2016: EC-KAC – Fehervar AV19 6:4 (4:0,2:1,0:3) Referees: BABIC/WARSCHAW; spectators: 3200 Goals KAC: Pöck (4.), Setzinger (5.), M. Geier (14.), Harand (19.), Ganahl (23.), Ban (33.) Goals AVS: Koger (28.), Manavian (51./pp), Bartalis (57.), Banham (60.) Fri, 29.01.2016: HC TWK Innsbruck „Die Haie“ – HDD Telemach Olimpija Ljubljana 8:3 (3:1,4:2,1:0) Referees: BERNEKER/GRUBER; spectators: 1200 Goals HCI: Schaus (9./pp), Ross (10.), Lammers (14.), Bishop (31., 36., 56.), Ulmer (32.), Spurgeon (34./pp) Goals OLL: Pem (14.), Hocevar (28.. 40./pp) Erste Bank Eishockey League, 3. Pick-Round: Fri, 29.01.2016: HCB Südtirol – Dornbirner Eishockey Club 3:2 n.V. (0:1, 0:1, 2:0) Referees: GAMPER/STOLC, 2.556 spectators; Goals Bozen: Pollastrone (56.), Pope (59.), Palmieri (65.) Goals Dornbirn: Siddall (16.), 0:2 Arniel (34.) Fri, 29.01.2016: EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz – HC Orli Znojmo 5:4 n.P. (1:3,2:1,1:0,0:0,1:0) Referees: PIRAGIC/SMETANA, 4.865 spectators; Goals Linz: Kozek (16./pp), Piche (23./pp), McLean (40./pp, 44./pp), Ulmer (67./entsch. Penalty) Goals Znojmo: Spacek (6.), Tomas (8.), Fiala (12./pp), Cip (23.) Fri, 29.01.2016: EC Red Bull Salzburg – UPC Vienna Capitals 0:1 (0:1,0:0,0:0) Referees: GEBEI/NIKOLIC, 2.600 spectators; Goal Vienna: Sharp (18.)

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