Dornbirn, KAC and Capitals move up

Dienstag, 27.Oktober 2015 - 8:39
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Round 16 was finished on Monday with four games. Successful were Dornbirner EC, Moser Medical Graz99ers, EC-KAC and UPC Vienna Capitals. Ljubljana unable to win at Dornbirn Dornbirner EC took advantage from a Power Play in minute eleven to take the lead. The second period was even. Both teams had their chances now, but Florian Hardy and Tomaz Trelc were not to beat until minute 39. Than Matt Siddall extended the lead for the Bulldogs in another Power Play with a shot from the blue line. The hosts started very aggressiv into the last period and quickly scored the 3:0 from Niki Petrik, who shoot the puck after a pass from Jonathan D‘Aversa under the crossbar. Ljubljana than was able to score their first goal in a 5-on-3-situation, but Jamie Arniel quickly responded with the 4:1. So the Slovenes lost also their tenth game at Dornbirn. The Bulldogs made a step forward in the table to place 4. Capitals with Shut-out-win in Villach EC VSV made the game, but the UPC Vienna Capitals scored: While Nathan Lawson stopped all 34 shots from the Eagles, Andreas Nödl took advantage from a rebound after a shot from the blue line from Philippe Lakos (28.). In minute 40 the Caps came close to score the 2:0, but Flo Iberer just hit the post. In the last period Andreas Nödl (57.) outplayed Nico Brunner and then he beat JP Lamoureux through the pads for the decision. With this win the Capitals made a step forward in the ranking to place 7. 99ers also beat Innsbruck The Moser Medical Graz99ers had a perfect start into the home-game vs. Innsbruck: After just 191 seconds Matthew Fornataro finished a 2-on-1-situation. The Styrians then dominated the game. In a Power Play the Sharks found better to their game (9.), but the 99ers still were the better team on the ice. After the re-start Kevin Mitchell quickly made the 2:0 in a Power Play with a shot from the blue line. Sharks reacted with more pressure to the net and were rewarded with the 1:2 in a Power Play: Jeff Ulmer finished a diagonal-pass from Derek Hahn. The 99ers quickly answered: Stephen Werner scored the 3:0 from the slot. The last period was lead by Graz, but in minute 59 HCI suddenly made the 2:3: Tyler Spurgeon was successful from the slot. The Sharks tried to equalize, but Werner decided the game for the Graz99ers with an Empty-net-goal. For the 99ers it was the sixth win in a row. Besides they made a step forward in the table to place 9. KAC beat Fehervar for the first time this season The tempo was high in the game between EC-KAC and Fehervar AV9 and both teams created chances. Finally in minute 13 Chris Francis surprised Pekka Tuokkola with his shot. A solo from Manuel Ganahl ended with the 1:1 just 51 seconds later. Then Klagenfurt took over the game. Again Ganahl with a rebound gave Klagenfurt the lead (20.). In the second period both teams did not create many chances. The game got rougher, but even in Power Plays the teams did not get dangerous. In the third period Fehervar equalized from Francis after a mistake in the KAC-defense. Manuel Geier and Patrick Harand then fought hart for the puck shorthanded and Harand scored into the open net – 3:2. Oliver Setzinger even added the 4:2. KAC made a jump forward in the ranking to place 5. Erste Bank Eishockey Liga 26.10.2015: EC-KAC – Fehervar AV19 4:2 (2:1,0:0,2:1) Referees: SIEGEL/ZRNIC, spectators: 3.468 Goals KAC: Ganahl (14./20.), Harand (46./sh), Setzinger (54.); Goals AVS: Francis (13./43.); 26.10.2015: Moser Medical Graz99ers – HC TWK Innsbruck „Die Haie“ 4:2 (1:0,2:1,1:1) Referees: BABIC, GEBEI; spectators: 2160 Goals G99: Fornataro (4.), Mitchell (23./pp), Werner (34., 60./EN) Goals HCI: Ulmer (33./pp), Spurgeon (59.) 26.10.2015: EC VSV – UPC Vienna Capitals 0:2 (0:0,0:1,0:1) Referees: KELLNER/STOLC, spectators: 3.400 Goals VIC: Nödl (28., 57.) 26.10.2015: Dornbirner Eishockey Club – HDD TELEMACH Olimpija Ljubljana 4:1 (1:0,1:0,2:1) Referees: GAMPER, M. NIKOLIC; spectators: 2.000 Goals DEC: 1:0 Sylvester (11./pp), 2:0 Siddall (39./pp), 3:0 Petrik (43.), 4:1 Arniel (56.) Goal OLL: 3:1 Scholz (54./pp2)

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