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Freitag, 30.Januar 2015 - 6:04
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Fehervar AV19 (in Innsbruck) and HCB Südtirol (in Klagenfurt) are fighting for the last top 6 spot and the direct Play-off-Qualification on Friday. Besides HDD Telemach Olimpija Ljubjana hosts Leader EC Red Bull Salzburg open air. And in the other games - Znojmo vs. Villach, Vienna vs. Dornbirn and Graz vs. Linz - the teams are fighting for important bonus-points for the intermediate round. Fehervar AV19 needs one point from Innsbruck to fix the Play-offs Already for the second time within six days HC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie" and Fehervar AV19 will face on Friday in Innsbruck. Last Saturday the Hungarians won at home 3:1 and decided also the third match against the Sharks this season for themselves. Impressing is the improvement in the defense: So far the Devils were feared for their good offense, but in the last three games the Hungarians convinced also in the defense and received in 185 minutes against Linz (3:1-win), KAC (3:2-Overtime-win) and Innsbruck (3:1-win) just four goals and scored nine times. „We were very successful because we played a very defense type of game. We played very well on the defensive side of the puck which created a lot of quick offensive transition and we entered the opponent’s zone very fast. We had great, solid goaltending by both of our goalies“, summarized head coach Rob Pallin. The Hungarians travel now to Innsbruck to try to collect the last remaining point they need for a top six spot. „Innsbruck is a team that is in eleventh place but they’ll be striving to get points for the middle round. I know they feel starting the intermediary round with one point is much better than starting with zero points. For us to be successful in Innsbruck we must play very defensively, we must get great goaltending and our special teams must be very solid. It will take guys playing beyond their abilities to be successful“, added Pallin, who misses Michael Boivin. Innsbruck on the their side tries to get one or two bonus-points for the Intermediate round this weekend, but therefore Patrick Mössmer and Company need points in the last two rounds of the first part of the regular season against Fehervar AV19 (Fri) and EC VSV (Sun). Both clubs are fear-opponents from the Tyroleans. Against the Devils Innsbruck is without a win since seven games and against Villach since eleven games! „We will fight to be successful. Only wins help us to reach bonus-points. We must take better advantage from our chances than in Szekesfehervar“, knows forward Alex Höller. While the Devils scored three times from 24 shots, the Sharks were successful just once from 28 shots on Saturday. Roland Kaspitz is a qustion-mark. Ljubljana and Salzburg will face open air HDD Telemach Olimpija Ljubljana hosts Leader EC Red Bull Salzburg on Friday. The game is played outdoors at Trg republike. The last eight games between this two teams were won by the team from Salzburg. While the Slovenes have already played several times an Open Air-game, Salzburg just played once „open air“ last season in Budapest (3:6-defeat against Fehervar AV19)."Everybody is already preparing for the second part and important last 10 games. We are doing just the same. The game against Salzburg will be played outside, which should garantee a lot of fun. Maybe that'll be a slight advantage for us as we have played there before. We're expecting a good game which hopefully will go our way.", said Olimpija-forward Tom Zanoski. „You don’t have often the chance to play outside, so it will be a special game for the players for sure. I hope the players can enjoy it. We also want to show there another face again than last time in Vienna“, said Salzburg‘s Headcoach Daniel Ratushny. The Slovenes will miss Matej Hocevar, Gal Koren, Kyle Medvec, Hunter Bishop and Aljaz Uduc. 99ers host Linz, both teams fighting for bonus points The Moser Medical Graz99ers will face EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz on Friday. Both teams are still fighting for bonus-points, Linz for the Pick-Round and Graz for the Qualification-Round. While the Black Wings need points to secure the second place (three bonus-points), the 99ers are on a good way to finish eight. The 99ers are 3 points ahead of place 9 and also 3 points behind place 7. The Black Wings won five from their last six games in Graz. The hosts miss Clemens Unterweger and Zintis Nauris Zusevics. Besides Tyler Cuma, Manuel Ganahl, Olivier Latendresse and Sabahudin Kovacevic are all questionmarks. The Black Wings will travel without Brad Moran, Niklas Mayrhauer and Berhard Fechtig to Graz. Znojmo hosts EC VSV HC Orli Znojmo is hosting EC VSV for the second to last game before the start of the Intermediate Round. In all three previous games the home team could win the game, the Czechs lost twice at Villach, but beat them in the home game with 6:1. Znojmo is fifth at the moment, but from the third until the sixth place all positions are still reachable for them. EC VSV on the other side won the last six consecutive games and already secured their Top 6 position some gamedays ago. In the last two games they want at least stay third or maybe climb up to the second spot. “It will be a tough game against a Top 6 team that we will see in the near future. We are focussed on continuing to play well and improve our game. This game is as important as any other. We need to keep getting wins to stay where we are in the standings and possibly move up“, stated Jason Krog. Cole Jarrett (lower body) won’t be available on Friday. KAC fights for bonus points versus Bozen EC-KAC is finishing phase 1 of the Regular Season with two home games versus Bozen and Graz. Klagenfurt is ninth at the moment but still has the chance to climb up on the eighth spot with two wins on the weekend. “All three games versus Bozen were very close and were decided with just one goal in the end. Also on Friday I expect a tough game, but we want to win the next two games to finish phase 1 on the eighth place”, said Hundertpfund. Manuel Geier and Patrick Harand (both upper body) are not available. HCB Südtirol still has the theoretical chance to reach the Top 6, as a first step the need two points in Klagenfurt. In the last game there the Foxes lost 1:2 though. “We have to give 110% on Friday. It is tough to play there, but we will keep the chances for the Top 6 alive and still believe in it”, said Roland Hofer. Caps and Bulldogs fighting for the best possible spot The4 UPC Vienna Capitals are placed fourth and are just three points behind the second-placed Black Wings. Especially the 6:3-win versus Salzburg last Sunday gave them a lot of self-confidence and lets them hope for the second place. “The last win was very important for us and gave us some confidence”, knows Coach Pokel. Newcomer Danny Bois, who will give his debut on Friday for the Caps also warns: “They will fight til the end, because they still are fighting for as many bonus points as possible, like we do. We have to be aware of a hard fight!” Markus Schlacher (upper body), Niki Hartl, Phil Lakos and Dominic Hackl (all lower body) won’t be available. The Bulldogs are hitting the road to Vienna to win the game and reach the best possible position for the Qualification Round that starts after the International Break next week. “We want to play solid over 60 minutes and collect some confidence for the Intermediate Round in the last two games”, stated Coach MacQueen, who still will be missing Martin Mairitsch and Stefan Häußle (both upper body). Fri, 30. January 2015 (19:15) Moser Medical Graz99ers - EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz Referees: SIEGEL, SMETANA, Dreier, Ettlmayr Fri, 30. January 2015 (19:15) EC-KAC – HCB Südtirol Referees: PIRAGIC/WARSCHAW, Kaspar, Verworner; Fri, 30. January 2015 (19:15, live at UPC Vienna Capitals - Dornbirner Eishockey Club Referees: M. NIKOLIC/BABIC, Johnston, Nemeth; Fri, 30. January 2015 (19:15) HC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie" - Fehervar AV19 Referees: GEBEI, STOLC, Pardatscher, Soos Fri, 30. January 2015 (19:15, SportTV Slowenien live) HDD Telemach Olimpija Ljubljana - EC Red Bull Salzburg Referees: TRILAR, ZRNIC, Hribar, Rakovic Fri, 30. January 2015 (19:15) HC Orli Znojmo – EC VSV Referees: DREMELJ/KINCSES, Johnstone, Nagy;

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