Znojmo gets shutout win over Innsbruck

Samstag, 17.Januar 2015 - 8:28
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Znojmo’s goalie Chris Holt earned his first shutout in Erste Bank Eishockey Liga on Friday night at home, while four teams (KAC, VSV, Vienna and Graz) took the points on the road.

Fehervar loses second home game to 99ers
Early in the game Ladislav Sikorcin lost the puck in the home team’s own defensive zone and Ganahl took straight away a backhand shot but his attempt missed the net. The hosts became dangerous fort he first time while playing shorthanded but Andrew Sarauer could not beat Dany Sabourin. Back at full strength, Fehervar AV19 took the lead with a goal by Daniel Koger who banged a rebound home. Just one mintes later Luke Walker went five-hole on Christian Engstrand to tie the game. In the following minutes the hosts were dominant but Sabourin stopped all shot in his direction. After the restart Koger received a penalty and after Matt Kelly missed a 1 on 0 situation, Manuel Ganahl did better to turn the game around. Soon later two Hungarians went into the sin bin and after the first penalty expired, Kelly found the back of the net. The home side understood the gravity of the situation and piled the pressure. As a result they had a 2-man advantage and it took just a few seconds till Sarauer pulled one back. The team of head coach Rob Pallin pressed hard fort he third but Sabourin made great saves to keep a 3:2 lead after 40 minutes. Things didn’t change in the first ten minutes oft he final period but also the score didn’t. With nine minutes to go Graz secured its win with a fourth goal. David Rodman, who made his debut as well as Sabahudin Kovacevic did, passed from behind the Fehérvár net to Ganahl who scored after taking an undisturbed shot. Shortly before the final buzzer Stephan Werner only hit the post but the 99ers deservedly took the two points home from Hungary with a 4:2 win.

Znojmo celebrated Shut-out-win against Innsbruck
The opening period was played in quick fashion without any penalties on either side. Martin Podesva hit the post in the opening minutes before Adam Munro showed his skill by stopping further efforts from home forwards. Innsbruck did not offer much in terms of attack, but remained dangerous on the break. Shortly after the break, fans got their first joy when Rehus fired a fierce shot that Munro parried straight onto the stick of Roman Tomas who slotted home from close range. Martin Nemcik showed great skill midway through the game with his individual effort to make it 2-0, rounding three defensemen before finishing low past Munro. Jan Seda then scored a rebound late in the period to put the home team in comfortable position. The last period was mostly held by the guests which tried hard to come back. From the very beginning of it the Sharks had couple of good chances to score, but they could not get through great Holt and Znojmo’s defense. In the end of the match there were some fights on the ice, but nothing serious.

KAC gets fourth season win against DEC
EC-KAC came to Dornbirn with only four experienced defenders. Both teams really needed points and both tried their luck on the offense. Halfway through the first Oliver Setzinger opened the scoring off a great pass by Thomas Pöck. Just a few minutes later Daniel Ban doubled Klagenfurt’s lead and the youngster also added a third in the middle frame to put his side 3:0 ahead. After Marcel Rodman’s fourth goal, Daniel Madlener replaced Nathan Lawson between the pipes and a power play marker by Zdenek Blatny gave the home team hope again. However, Kirk Furey restored the four-goal lead in the final 20 minutes and Luke Pither made it half a dozen for a final 6:1 score.

Villach took two points from Ljubljana
HDD Telemach Olimpija Ljubljana had the better start. The Slovenes created a few chances, but couldn't beat ex-dragons goalie J.P. Lamoureux. At the end of 5th minute Villach stroke with their first chance. Andy Chiodo managed to save to Benjamin Petrik, but nobody was there to clear the rebound. It fell to Eric Hunter, who easily taped it into the open net. Olimpija came close to an equalizer in a Power Play, but Kyle Medvec got denied by the crossbar. Just moments later Matic Podlipnik was successful from the blue line. Early in the 2nd period Villach had their 2nd Power Play of the game. Just like the first one nothing happened. In minute 28 the visitors took the lead again: Benjamin Patrik took full advantage of an indecisiveness at the dragons defense. He got the puck and put it in the back of the net. Than the Eagles controlled the game until the last few minutes. In those Hunter Bishop tried his luck twice, but J.P. Lamoureux was not be beaten. Early in the third period Gerhard Unterluggauer's scored the 3:1 with a blueliner. Than the visitors happily held a firm grip on the game. With 8 minutes to go Hunter Bishop went at J.P. Lamoureux. VSV goalie came out as the winner, but the dragons got their second wind as they pressed forward. It paid off in te 57th minute, when Podlipnik's shot got deflected by Ales Music in front of the net. With 2:09 left Fabian Dahlem called a time out. With 50 seconds left Andy Chiodo left the ice. VSV quickly got the puck and took advantage of an open net. With 29 seconds remaining Darren Haydar put the finishing touch on the win with an empty netter.

Capitals won in Bozen
The Vienna Capitals had a perfect start into the game: After just 38 seconds Brett Carson surprised goalie Jaroslav Hübl with a shot from the distance and scored the lead. The Caps had the upper hand of the game than, while Bozen did not come to many chances. After the re-start the Foxes made pressure and were rewarded with the 1:1: After a wrong pass from a Vienna player Markus Gander took up the puck, went alone on the net and beat Matt Zaba. Marco Insam missed to score the lead shorthanded and also in a Power Play the hosts missed some good opportunities. This was punished by the Austrians: Brett Carson took advantage from a rebound. The Foxes tried hart to equalize again in the last period, but again the could not take advantage from their chances. The Italians then forgot Michael Schichl, who returned from the Penaltybox and decided the game , when scoring the 3:1.

Fri, 16.01.2015: Dornbirner Eishockey Club – EC-KAC 1:6 (0:2, 1:2, 0:2)
Referees: KELLNER/VEIT, 3.110 spectators
Goal DEC: 1:4 Blatny (35./pp1)
Goals KAC: 0:1 Setzinger (10.), 0:2 Ban D. (13., 23.), 0:4 M. Rodman (26./pp1), 1:5 Furey (45.), 1:6 Pither (59.)

Fri, 16.01.2015: Fehervar AV19 – Moser Medical Graz99ers 2:4 (1:1, 1:2, 0:1)
Referees: DREMELJ/M. NIKOLIC, 3.257 spectators
Goals AVS: Koger (10.), Sarauer (34./pp2)
Goals G99: Walker (11.), Ganahl (24./pp, 51.), Kelly (29./pp)

Fri, 16.01.2015: HCB Südtirol – UPC Vienna Capitals 1:3 (0:1, 1:1, 0:1)
Referees: BERNEKER, GRABER; spectators: 3.026
Goal Bozen: Gander (25.)
Goals Wien: Carson (1., 38.), Schiechl (51.)

Fri, 16.01.2015: HDD Telemach Olimpija Ljubljana - EC VSV 2:4 (1:1,0:1,1:2)
Referees: WARSCHAW, ZRNIC; spectators: 800
Goals Ljubljana: Bishop (13.), Music (57.)
Goals Villach: Hunter (5.), Petrik (28.), Unterluggauer (43./pp), Haydar (60./EN)

Fri, 16.01.2015: HC Orli Znojmo - HC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie" 3:0 (0:0,3:0,0:0)
Referees: ERD, GEBEI; spectators: 2.614
Goals Znojmo: Tomas (25.), Nemcik (33.), Seda (39.)

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