Bozen, Fehervar and Innsbruck celebrated shutout wins

Freitag, 02.Januar 2014 - 9:56
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New Year’s Day saw six home wins. Fehervar AV19, HCB Südtirol and Innsbruck even got shutout wins, whilst HC Orli Znojmo earned a point in Linz after conceding a late equalizer. Successful were also Salzburg and Graz. Hübl celebrates shutout against VSV Both teams started cautiously into the New Year’s Day game, halfway through the first HC Bozen became better but Rodney could not score on the first good chance. Just before the first intermission Nesbitt and Hofer missed some more opportunites and soon after two foxes had to go tot he sin bin but Jaroslav Hübl kept a clean sheet. The home side was dominant early in the middle frame and at the halfway point of the game Marco Insam finished off a great combination for a 1:0 lead. Only one minute later Matt Sisca added a second goal and they had another good opportunity but wasted it when Lamoureux received 2+2 later in the period. In the final 20 minutes Villach’s goalie made a great saves on Justin Keller and Rick Schofield. At the other end Hübl showed his skills against Jason Krog and Darren Haydar. With three minutes to go Hannu Järvenpää took a time out, having a 6 on 4 advantage. However, the visitors were not able to beat Bozen’s wall and Schofield scpred an empty net marker fort he final 3:0 result. 99ers turn things round Moser Medical Graz99ers were at the beginning oft he home game against UPC Vienna Capitals one step quicker and got some power plays early. Luke Walker and Anders Bastiansen used them for a 2:0 lead after six minutes. The Viennese looked stronger at even strength but could not create golden chances. The hosts always tried to hit their opponents on the break. There was only one more moment when the pressurized and Manuel Ganahl promptly scored for a three-goal lead. The middle period was played for most of the time in the defensive zone of Graz. However, the hosts did great defensively, controlling the slot after some far-range shots. After 46 minutes Kris Foucault broke the spell, scoring five-hole on Dany Sabourin. The visitors could not move up a gear, though, and Ganahl made the decisive fourth goal, ending his team’s losing streak. Bulls beat KAC after penalties EC-KAC got off to a great start when Jamie Lundmark banged a rebound home for an early visitors lead. The fans saw a fast-paced and well worth seeing game with EC Red Bull Salzburg creating good chances but Pöck, Komarek and Latusa missed the equalizer. Shortl after restart Ryan Duncan did better, scoring top shelf. In further consequence the hosts wasted five power plays and several good opportunities, the score remained tied after two. In the third the record-holding champions from Klagenfurt held Salzburg’s pace again, Thomas Koch could not beat Luka Gracnar. At the other end John Hughes turned the game around but Thomas Vallant sent it to over time with his first goal in Erste Bank Eishockey Liga. After no goals in the extra session, the leaders took the second point when all three players scored on their penalty. Innsbruck won Westderby Dornbirn started better into the game in Innsbruck, but with each minute gone also the Sharks got stronger and stronger. After the re-start Dornbirn pressured for the lead, but all chances were denied by Adam Munro. The goals were scored then on the other side: Jeff Ulmer opened the scoring with a rebound-goal after a shot from Nick Ross. Andreas Valix quickly added the 2:0 in a Power Play. The Bulldogs stayed unlucky, Chris D‘Avise just hit the post. So the hosts could bring the win home, Roland Kaspitz even made the 3:0 into the empty net. Znojmo lost in Linz after 2:0-lead in Overtime The first minutes of the game were dominated by Linz, but the hosts could not score even in a Power Play. Znojmo even came closer to score shorthanded, when Maris Jass arrived suddenly alone in front of the net, but he was stopped by Mike Ouzas. From this moment on the „Red Eagles“ got stronger and stronger and finally after a nice pass from Jiri Klimcek from behind the net Martin Podesva made the 1:0 from close range. In a Power Play Podesva quickly added the 2:0. But the Austrians had a quick answer: Rob Hisey finished a solo just 69 seconds later. In the second period Linz tried to equalize, but Chris Holt was not to beat. Znojmo stayed dangerous in counter-attacks, but the guests also could not beat goalie Mike Ouzas. In the last 20 minutes the Czechs tried to bring the win home with a strong defensive game. But 9 seconds before the end Brian Labler could equalize, when Mike Ouzas had already left his net. And the Black Wings also had the better end in the Overtime: After just 24 seconds Sebastien Piche beat Chris Holt with a nice shot again. For Znojmo it was the fifth defeat in a row on the road. Fehervar beat Ljubljana 7:0! Fehervar AV19 dominated the game against HDD Telemach Olimpija Ljubljana. Especially Frank Banham, who made his comeback after his three games suspension, was very motivated. In minute 16 the hosts finally took the lead: Michael Boivin fired a shot from the blue line and Jeff LoVecchio puts his stick into the shot, but the initial attempt was saved by Chiodo. The rebound landed in front of Banham and he scored into the empty side of the net. In a Powerplay the Devils made it 2:0: Andrew Sarauer lead the puck around the net and beat Andy Chiodo on the short side of the net. The period closed with a powerplay for the visitors, but the biggest scoring chance belongs to the home team when Bartalis had a breakaway chance, but his shot was saved by Chiodo. After the re-start Fehervar continued, where they stopped before the break: After chances from Andrew Sarauer and Frank Banham (counter) Istvan Bartalis deflected a shot from Attila Orban after just 160 seconds for the 3:0. In a Powerplay Kovacs even made the 4:0. Then Ales Sila replaced Andy Chiodo. But it did not take long, before Csaba Kovacs beat also the Slovene with a Onetimer 5:0! In the last 20 minutes daniel Koger added two more goals and fixed the 7:0-home-win. Christian Engstrand celebrated his first Shut-out in EBEL. Thu, 01.01.2015: EC Red Bull Salzburg – EC-KAC 3:2 n.P. (0:1,1:0,1:1,0:0,1:0) Referees: GAMPER/WARSCHAW, spectatos: 3.200 Goals RBS: Duncan (22./pp), Hughes (54.), Walter (65./ps) Goals KAC: Lundmark (4.), Vallant (57.) Thu, 01.01.2015: Moser Medical Graz99ers – UPC Vienna Capitals 4:1 (3:0,0:0,1:1) Referees: BERNEKER/NIKOLIC, spectators: 2.610 Goals Graz: Walker (4./pp), Bastiansen (6./pp), Ganahl (13., 53.) Goal Wien: Foucault (47.) Thu, 01.01.2015: HC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie" - Dornbirner Eishockey Club 3:0 (0:0,2:0,1:0) Referees: ERD/GRABER; spectators: 2.000 Goals HCI: Ulmer (31.), Valdix (35./pp), 3:0 Kaspitz (59./EN) Thu, 01.01.2015: Fehervar AV19 - HDD Telemach Olimpija Ljubljana 7:0 (2:0,3:0,2:0) Referees: GEBEI/ZRNIC; spectators: 3.414 Goals Szekesfehervar: Banham (16.), Sarauer (19./pp), Bartalis (23.), Kovacs (27./pp, 35./pp), Koger (55., 58./pp) Thu, 01.01.2015: EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz - HC Orli Znojmo 3:2 n. V. (1:2,0:0,1:0,1:0) Referees: KINCSES/M. NIKOLIC; spectators: 4.865 Goals Linz: Hisey (18.), Lebler (60.), Piche (61.) Goals Znojmo: Podesva (13., 17./pp) Thu, 01.01.2015: HCB Südtirol – EC VSV 3:0 (0:0,2:0,1:0) Referees: VEIT/WIDMANN, spectators: 2.640 Goals Bozen: Insam (30./pp), Sisca (32.), Schofield (58./en)

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