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Sonntag, 28.Dezember 2014 - 8:27
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Six games are played on Sunday in Erste Bank Eishockey Liga: HDD Telemach Olimpija hosts HCB Südtirol at Trg republike in Ljubljana and tries to get their first ever win against the Foxes. Villach (at home vs. Graz) and Innsbruck (in Linz) try to end bad series to. Besides Fehervar AV19 travels to Vienna, HC Orli Znojmo welcomes EC-KAC and Dornbirn hosts Leader EC Red Bull Salzburg.

Caps want to keep on winning
The UPC Vienna Capitals won their last two games, where they also could score twelve goals. “We didn’t change anything, the difference is, that our shots hit the net again”, stated Ferland. On Sunday the Caps host Fehervar AV19. The Hungarians are only three points behind, by winning the game Vienna could secure the third spot. “We want to play like we did in the last games”, said Coach Pokel. Markus Schlacher, Adam Naglich (both upper body) and Niki Hartl (lower body) will still be missing, newcomer Dechamps will give his debut on the 30th of December at Klagenfurt.

With Fehervar AV19 the best placed International team is hitting the road to Vienna. Although they lost the last three consecutive games the Hungarians are still fifth and by winning on Sunday they want to come closer to the top 3. “Vienna is certainly a team that’s had its struggles this year but they have played very well in their last two games. We need to find a way to win in Vienna which is always a difficult place to play. Whether you win or lose a game in these last 13 games, you must have short memory, playing 3-4 games a week. At this point we are still in a good spot in the standings and we must stay positive and push forward”, said Coach Pallin. There won’t be changes in the lineup.

Znojmo wants to defend sixth place
Things are not going well for Znojmo lately. The Czechs last their last to game on the road, in the last seven games they could only collect four points. On Sunday they are playing KAC at home. Klagenfurt is just three points behind them, that shows how important the game for both teams will be. “It’s gonna be a tough game. There are no bad teams in this league. We have to give everything to beat our next opponent. We need points to stay where we belong, in the top 6”, stated forward Pavlikovsky.

EC-KAC on the other side won the last two games versus Fehervar and at Graz and wants to extend the winning streak at Znojmo. “Znojmo has a great offense and good skaters. We will try to play as good as we did in the last two games. We mustn’t give them too much space and stick to our plan”, said forward Pither. There won’t be any changes in the lineup, David Schuller (lower body) and Kim Strömberg (upper body) will still be missing due to their injuries.

Bulldogs host leader Salzburg
On Sunday the Dornbirner Eishockey Club is hosting the leader of the Erste Bank Eishockey League, EC Red Bull Salzburg. The Bulldogs could win their last three consecutive games and also want to collect points versus Salzburg. At the moment Dornbirn has 30 points and is tenthof the league, but they are only four points away to a spot in the top 6. The last game at Salzburg the team of Coach MacQueen won 4:2. Not available will be DiBenedetto, Mairitsch, Häußle (all upper body) und Niki Petrik (lower body).

EC Red Bull Salzburg is leading the league and also on the road the Bulls collected 22 points in 14 games. Nevertheless they don’t want to underestimate the Bulldogs according to forward Brucker: “Especially at home Dornbirn is tough to beat. I think it will be a tight game, but I am positive that we will win there!”

99ers travel with good memoriest o Villach
EC VSV hosts Moser Medical Graz99ers on Sunday. The Eagles got seven wins from eight games in December and started their good run in Graz. In the ranking Villach is already Fourth. Now the Carinthians try to continue their strong period also on Sunday against the 99ers. But at home Gerhard Unterluggauer and Co. could not beat Graz since 14.02.2012 or 1.047 days. The Styrians on the other side celebrated just one win in the last 12 games, lately they lost six games in a row. To stay in touch with the Top 6 Olivier Latendresse and Co. need points now. „Graz and Villach are hart working teams. I expect a hart fight for the points“, said VSV-defenseman Cole Jarrett. „We must continue the way we played against Klagenfurt and becme even better. Villach had a great run lately. We must play from a controlled defense and wait for our chances. We also want to take some thing from there!“, said 99ers Headcoach Todd Bjorkstrand. Villach misses Mario Altmann, while Graz travels without Stefan Lassen and Clemens Unterweger to Villach.

Innsbruck tries to get their first win against Linz since their return in the EBEL
EHC LIWEST Black WIngs Linz welcomes HC TWK Innsbruck „Die Haie“ on Sunday. For the Upper Austrians, who have won all eleven games vs. Innsbruck since the Sharks return in EBEL 2012/13, it is the first from four home-games in a row. Lately Linz beat Graz (5:1) and Fehervar AV19 (3:1). In this to games goalie Mike Ouzas got just two goals, while his team-mates scored eight times. But on Friday in Hungary Curtis Murphy and Co. needed two late goals to fix the win. „We knew Fehervar is a tough opponent and we expect another tough game on Sunday at home vs. Innsbruck. In the last two games against them we had to go in Overtime or Shoot-out!“, warns Rob Daum, Headcoach of Linz. Innsbruck on the other side lost the last two games vs. Vienna (3:7) and Villach (1:2) after three wins in a row. Against Villach the Sharks could not take advantage from their chances. „We showed a good game, but we missed to score from our chances. In the next games we must play more concentrated again“, knows Shark Alexander Höller. Now the Tyrolean will travel to Linz on Sunday. On the road the Sharks won their last two games in Klagenfurt and Graz with 4:1. Against Linz they lost lately in Shoot-out and Overtime, now they take their twelth attempt to beat Linz for the first time since their return in EBEL. Linz misses Philipp Lukas again. Innsbruck Goalie Adam Munro, Andreas Hanschitz and Marcus Olsson are question-marks.

Ljubljana tries to beat Bozen for the first time
Ljubljana will see the second open-air-game of the season on Sunday. The Slovenes welcome HCB Südtirol. Against the Foxes Ales Music & Co. lost so far all seven games in EBEL: Both teams won four from eight games so far in December. Ljubljana as well as Bozen lost after two wins their last two games. The Champion is so far the worst team on the road, got just 4 wins from 15 road-games. But against Olimpija they have a perfect record. "We had a good game in Salzburg on Friday but unfortunately we didn't bring home the things that really matter, the points. Still we have created chances and played toe to toe with the leader. We must repeat the way we played also on Sunday. Than we have a good chance of our first win over Bolzano in EBEL", said Olimpija Forward Jure Sotlar. „It will be a great experince to play open-air again. We all are highly motivated and wer e just looking forward to this special game: We know, that it want be an easy game, because Ljubljana also played good games lately“, knos Forward Markus Gander. Bozen misses Guntis Galvind and Günther Hell, while Ljubljana is without Igor Cvetek and Tom Zanoski.

Sun, 28. December 2014 (17:30)
HC Orli Znojmo – EC-KAC (187)
Referees: GRABER/VEIT, Loicht, Smeibidlo;
Previous games:
24.10.2014: EC-KAC - HC Orli Znojmo 4:1 (1:0,0:1,3:0)
25.11.2014: HC Orli Znojmo - EC-KAC 3:4 (1:1,1:1,1:2)
05.12.2014: EC-KAC - HC Orli Znojmo 1:4 (0:2,1:1,0:1)

Sun, 28. December 2014 (17:30)
Dornbirner Eishockey Club – EC Red Bull Salzburg (188)
Referees: K. NIKOLIC/TRILAR, Hribar, Johnstone.
Previous games:
21.09.2014: EC Red Bull Salzburg - Dornbirner EC 5:1 (2:1,0:0,3:0)
24.10.2014: Dornbirner EC - EC Red Bull Salzburg 4:5 (1:2,0:0,3:3)
05.12.2014: EC Red Bull Salzburg - Dornbirner EC 2:4 (0:1,2:2,0:1)

Sun, 28. December 2014 (17:30)
EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz - HC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie" (189)
Referees: DREMELJ, ERD, Nothegger, Rakovic.
Previous games:
12.09.2014: HC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie" - EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz 1:3 (1:1,0:1,0:1)
27.11.2014: EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz - HC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie" 2:1 n.P. (0:0,1:1,0:0,0:0,1:0)
05.12.2014: HC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie" - EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz 4:5 n.V. (0:2,1:1,3:1,0:1)

Sun, 28. December 2014 (17:30, SportTV Slovenia live)
HDD Telemach Olimpija Ljubljana - HCB Südtirol (190)
Referees: KINCSES, PIRAGIC, Hofstätter, Nemeth
Previous games:
23.10.2014: HDD Telemach Olimpija Ljubljana - HCB Südtirol 1:2 (0:1,1:1,0:0)
25.11.2014: HCB Südtirol - HDD Telemach Olimpija Ljubljana 3:0 (2:0,0:0,1:0)
05.12.2014: HCB Südtirol - HDD Telemach Olimpija Ljubljana 6:2 (2:0,2:2,2:0)

Sun, 28. December 2014 (17:30)
UPC Vienna Capitals – Fehervar AV19 (191)
Referees: GAMPER/GEBEI, Nagy, Pardatscher;
Previous games:
14.09.2014: UPC Vienna Capitals - Fehervar AV19 6:3 (3:1,1:0,2:2)
03.10.2014: Fehervar AV19 - UPC Vienna Capitals 2:3 (0:1,1:0,1:2)
04.12.2014: Fehervar AV19 - UPC Vienna Capitals 4:3 (0:1,2:0,2:2)

Sun, 28. December 2014 (17:45, ServusTV live)
EC VSV - Moser Medical Graz99ers (192)
Referees: BERNEKER, SIEGEL, Johnston, Kaspar
Previous games:
21.09.2014: EC VSV - Moser Medical Graz99ers 1:3 (0:1,1:1,0:1)
23.10.2014: Moser Medical Graz99ers - EC VSV 3:2 n. P. (1:2,1:0,0:0,0:0,1:0)
05.12.2014: Moser Medical Graz99ers - EC VSV 2:5 (0:2,1:1,1:2)

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