No wins for the international teams

Samstag, 27.Dezember 2014 - 12:48
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Friday brought no wins for the international teams, Bozen earned at least one point after a great come back. Fehervar AV19 and HC Orli Znojmo are still in the top six.

Znojmo lets derby slip away
It was derby time and Znojmo was well prepared. The Czechs created a lot of chances in a fast-paced first period with Peter Pucher opening the scoring. The large number of away fans saw a better home side soon after but their Eagles took the lead to the locker room. And they came out strong again with Radek Cip doubling the score on power play. However, at the halfway point of the game the Viennese changed tack and within two minutes they tied the score. In the third period it was all Caps, who made it 4:2 thanks to goals by Sven Klimbacher and Kris Foucault. Znojmo pulled one back by Jan Lattner but with six minutes to go Kevin Puschnik made the final 5:3.

Bozen earns at least one point after come back
Visiting DEC Bulldogs had a great start into the game at Palaonda, scoring four unanswered goals within the first twelve minutes. After the third goal against, Bozen coach Mario Simioni took a timeout but his side only played better in the final minutes of the opening period. As a result, Captain Alex Egger and Ziga Pance scored at least two goals. The reigning champions pressurized their opponents in the middle frame with Justin Keller pulling another one back. The visitors had a lot to do in their defensive end, got just a few breakaway opportunities. Nothing really changed in the third and with ten minutes left, Markus Gander added a fourth for a perfect comeback. Dornbirn protected the result tot he end of regulation and it even became better fort he Bulldogs when Martin Grabher Meier netted the game winner.

Linz wins in Fehervar thanks to Iberer’s brace
Fehervar AV19 came out hard, creating some scoring chances within the first seconds but Kevin Wehrs and Jeff LoVecchio were not able to get the puck in. At the other end, Fabio Hofer was stopped illegally on his way tot he goal but goalie Christian Engstrand saved the called penalty shot. The turbulent opening came to an end when Andras Benk scored the lead for the home team. The Hungarians looked for a second during a man advantage but Ouzas made a save on Bartalis. In further consequence the visitors became stronger, however, after missing some good opportunities they went with a 1:0 deficit into the first intermission. The Black Wings kept the momentum but with hitting the post, they were not able to tie the game after the restart. A power play revitalized Fehervar but also the home side didn’t find the back of the net this time. Both teams played well in their defensive end till Matthias Iberer equalized it after 38 minutes off a pass by Daniel Oberkofler. The Hungarians came close to restore the lead early in the third, Balint Magosi and LoVecchio failed, though. With eight minutes to go once again Iberer netted, after a mistake by goalie Engstrand. Fehervar tried everything to come back, after pulling the goalie for a sixth man, Brian Lebler made the final 3:1 with an empty net marker.

VSV won in Innsbruck
For the first time this season EC VSV was guest of Innsbruck. Villach had a perfect start into the game: After just 40 seconds John Lammers took advantage of a rebound after a shot from Gerhard Unterluggauer and scored the 1:0. Innsbruck stayed unimpressed and had more of the game and the better chances in the following minutes, but the Sharks could not take advantage from three Power Plays. Closest to score came Benedikt Schennach, who only hit the post. On the other side Villach took advantage from their first Power Play: Marco Pewal beat Adam Munro from two or three meters with a turn-around. HCI on the other side stayed unlucky, with Christoph Hörtnagl hitting the post (19.) again. Innsbruck started with Patrick Machreich in the net into the second period. Just a few moments were played, when Marco Pewal threatened Innsbrucks net again, but he only hit the post. After some unused Power Plays it was Jeff Ulmer, who finally made the 1:2 for the hosts. From that moment on Innsbruck was dominating, but the post and Lamoureux stopped the Sharks from scoring again. With their third win in a row, Villach made a jump forward to place 4 in the ranking!

Salzburg beat Ljubljana
Aljaz Uduc, who deflected a shot from Marvin Degon, gave Olimpija a quick lead in Salzburg. The Red Bulls tried to answer, but Andy Chiodo was not to beat. The Slovenes stayed dangerous in counter-attacks, but they also couldn't score again. It took Salzburg 30 minutes to equalize after a nice combination from the youngsters Alex Cijan, Markus Pöck and Marco Brucker. The Red Bulls pressured now even harder and finally it was Thomas Raffl, who won a duel aganst Marvin Degon and beat Andy Chiodo. The Slovenes tried to come back in the last period. In minute 47 the dragons already cheered about the 2:2, but the goal was not allowed from the referees, because it was scored from Andrej Hocevar after a kicking-move with his skates. This was a wake-up call for the Red Bulls, who pressured now for their third goal. But it took the Leader until the final minute, before John Hughes could score the 3:1 into the empty-net.

KAC got first season-win over Graz
In the open period the game went up and down, with the better chances for Graz. After a good shot from Manuel Ganahl the puck missed his aim, but from behind the net Philipp Pinter hit Pekka Tuokkola and from the goalie's back the puck went in. The best chance to equalize had Jamie Lundmark, but he only hit the post. In the 2nd period Olivier Latendresse forgave the 2:0 after a solo. On the other side Klagenfurt equalized from a rebound. Klagenfurt made much pressure after their firt goal, but a penalty against Oliver Setzinger stopped Klagenfurt's momentum. Graz even scored the lead again in the following Power Play. But the Red Jackets answered once again and equalized seconds before the break. After just 41 seonds in the last peiod Klagenfurt even took the lead in a Power Play. The 99ers did not give up and could equalize again. Than the 99ers missed some chances to decide the game. So the game went into an Overtime, where Klagenfurt had the better end: Thomas Koch scored the game-winner after a solo.

Fri, 26.12.2014: Fehervar AV19 - EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz 1:3 (1:0, 0:1, 0:2)
Referees: BABIC/TRILAR, spectators: 3.349
Goal Fehervar: Benk (2.)
Goals Linz: Iberer (38., 52.), Lebler (60./EN)

Fri, 26.12.2014: HCB Südtirol – Dornbirner Eishockey Club 4:5 n.V. (2:4, 1:0, 1:0, 0:1)
Referees: GAMPER/NIKOLIC, spectators: 2.317
Goals HCB: 1:4 Egger (17.), 2:4 Pance (19.), 3:4 Pance (27.), 4:4 Gander (50.)
Goals DEC: 0:1 Lembacher (3.), 0:2 Arniel (10.), 0:3 Feichtner (11.), 0:4 Grabher Meier (12.), 4:5 Grabher Meier (63.)

Fri, 26.12.2014: UPC Vienna Capitals – HC Orli Znojmo 5:3 (0:1,2:1,3:1)
Referees: KINCSES/SMETANA, spectators: 4950
Goals VIC: Nödl (30./pp1), Fraser (32./pp1), Klimbacher (46.), Foucault (46.), Puschnik (54.);
Goals ZNO: Pucher (7.), Cip (21./pp1), Lattner (50.);

Fri, 26.12.2014: EC Red Bull Salzburg – HDD Telemach Olimpija Ljubljana 3:1 (0:1,2:0,1:0).
Referees: KELLNER/WIDMANN, spectators: 2400
Goals RBS: Brucker (30.), Raffl (36.), Hughes (60. PP/EN);
Goal OLL: Uduc (3.).

Fri, 26.12.2014: Moser Medical Graz99ers - EC-KAC 3:4 n.V. (1:0,1:2,1:1,0:1)
Referees: GEBEI/VEIT; spectators: 3.720
Goals Graz: Pinter (11., 52.), Bastiansen (34./pp)
Goals Klagenfurt: Setzinger (32.), Lundmark (40., 41./pp), Koch (63.)

Fri, 26.12.2014: HC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie" - EC VSV 1:2 (0:2,1:0,0:0)
Referees: HOFER/WARSCHAW; spectators: 2.200
Goals Innsbruck: Ulmer (28./pp)
Goals Villach: Lammers (1.), Pewal (17./pp)

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