Dornbirn, Fehervar and Villach face their fear-opponents

Samstag, 20.Dezember 2014 - 20:38
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Fehervar AV19 (in Znojmo), EC VSV (in Salzburg) and Dornbirner EC (at home against the UPC Vienna Capitals) will try to get their first season-win against their fear-opponents on Sunday. Besides HCB Südtirol hosts Linz and the Graz99ers welcome Innsbruck.

Villach just without a win against Salzburg this season
EC Red Bull Salzburg hosts EC VSV on Sunday. The Leader won on Friday in Znojmo 4:3 after Shoot-out and celebrated already their 20th win oft he season. Before X-mas the Red Bulls willl play now twice at home against EC VSV (Sun) and Champion HCB Südtirol (Tue). Against Villach Matthias Trattnig and Company won so far both games this season clearly with 6:1 and 3:0. EC VSV lost on Thursday after four wins in a row in Szekesfehervar with 1:4. In Salzburg waits now the next difficult task for Villach. The Austrian Champion is the only team, which Marco Pewal and Co. could not beat so far in this season. The Eagles last win in the Mozart City is more than one year ago. On 29th November 2013 the Eagles won the last time in Salzburg with 4:2. For Villach the game in Salzburg is another important game in the fight for a top 6 spot, which woul mean the direct Play-off-Qualificaton. In this moment Villach is seventh two points behind place 6.“We expect a hart game against EC VSV. The Eagles found together as a team, they got some good results. They work hart and all their lines can score. We must be ready from the beginning!“, said Salzburgs Topscorer Thomas Raffl. „Salzburg is the favorite, they are the leader. But we believe in our chance and in our skills and we will try to get a win“, reported Villachs Assistant Coach Markus Peintner. While Salzburg misses Brian Fahey, Villach is without Mario Altmann and Geoff Waugh. Besides the Salzburg players Andi Kristler and Florian Mühlstein are questionmarks.

Fehervar AV19 just without a win against Znojmo this season
HC Orli Znojmo welcomes Fehervar AV19 in a duel of two Top-5-team on Sunday. While the "Red Eagles" lost their last four games and scored in 245 minutes just six goals, the Devils won three times in a row. The Hungarians still have received the highest number of goals (96), but since the signing of goalie Christian Engstrand, who won all three games for his new team, the GAA per game was cut down from 3,5 to 2! Lately the Devils beat Villach with 4:1. On Sunday the Devils also have the chance to score their 100th goal of the season. So far the Devils made 98 goals. A number the „Red Eagles“ already overbid. With 103 goals Znojmo has the second best offense so far. Fehervar Headcoach Rob Pallin knows: „If it wasn't for our goalie Christian Engstrand making key stops, we would've been 3-1 down after the first period against Villach.“ After three wins in a row the Hungarians travel on Sunday with much confidence to Znojmo. The „Red Eagles“ are the only team the Devils did not beat so far this season. Znojmo even won the last four games against Fehervar AV19, all just by one goal. Fehervar got their last win against Znojmo on 25th October 2013. Some small line-up changes are possible at Fehérvár AV19 due to injuries and returning players, while Znojmo is withut Jiri Beroun (suspended).

Black Wings travel to the Champion
The fans in Bozen can expect an interesting game between HCB Südtirol and EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz on Sunday. While the Foxes won their last four home-games and scored in 240 minutes 20 goals, the Upper Austrians won lately three times in a row, scoring 15 goals. And on the road the Austrians are still unbeaten in December, they won both games in Salzburg 4:2 and Innsbruck 5:4 in Overtime. On Friday the Steel Citizens beat Dornbirn at home with 7:1 and also the Foxes celebrated at home against the Graz99ers a 4:1-win. „We expect a hart game against Linz on Sunday. Linz is a strong team, we must show our best hockey over full 60 minutes to get a win. We have many home-games and also some difficult road-games around Christmas, which will decied if we make the Top 6 or not. The Black Wings for sure wants revenge for their defeat in Bozen last time and we want to beat them again!“, said HCB-Forward Paul Zanette. „It is always nice to score goals. The whole team gets better and better now. We also want to win in Bozen!“, said Linz-forward Brian Lebler. While the Black Wings Linz have all players available, Bozen misses Roland Hofer, Stefan Zisser, Matt Sisca and Günther Hell.

Dornbirn with-out a season-win against Vienna
The UPC Vienna Capitals are guest of Dornbirn on Sunday. The Bulldogs showed two faces lately. While they are the poorest team with just three wins on the road, they got points in seven of their last eight home-games (six wins). Vienna on the other side has problems after the International Break, won just two from their last eleven games! Yesterday both teams lost: Dornbirn in Linz 1:7 and Vienna at home against HDD Telemach Olimpija Ljubjana 1:3. „We dominated Ljubljana and showed good combinations in Power Play. We should have been the winner“, said Tom Pokel. Dornbirn and Vienna faced already twice this season, both games were won by the Capitals 3:0 and 2:1. For the Bulldogs Luciano Aquino will make his home-debut. „He makes us better, but he alone can not win the games for us“, knows DEC-Headcoach Dave MacQueen. Dornbirn is without Martin Mairitsch, Stefan Häussle and Justin DiBenedetto, while the Caps travel west with-out Adam Naglich, Markus Schlacher, Niki Hartl, Sascha Bauer and Dominic Hackl.

99ers host Innsbruck
The Moser Medical Graz99ers won just one of their last nine games. But nevertheless the 99ers are still Sixth. On Sunday the Styrians now host Innsbruck, a team that got two wins in a row lately. For both clubs it is an important game in the fight for a top 6 spot and the direct play-off-qualification. While the Sharks could reduce the difference to the Top 6 to four points, the 99ers could leave an opponent far behind. Both teams have the same players available, like in their Friday-game. „We made a good job lately. Now we have to continue that way in Graz“, knows HCI-forward Marcus Olsson. „We must play more solid in the defense and we must start to score again in the Powerplay. Against Innsbruck we must find a way to return n the winning-street“, knows G99-Headcoach Todd Bjorkstrand.

Sun, 21. December 2014 (17:30)
Moser Medical Graz99ers - HC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie" (172)
Referees: ERD, SMETANA, Hofstätter, Kaspar
Previous games:
03.10.2014: Moser Medical Graz99ers - HC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie" 2:3 n.P. (1:0,1:1,0:1,0:0,0:1)
17.10.2014: HC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie" - Moser Medical Graz99ers 2:3 (1:0,0:3,1:0)

Sun, 21. December 2014 (17:30)
EC Red Bull Salzburg - EC VSV (173)
Referees: BERNEKER, WARSCHAW, Ettlmayr, Verworner
Previous games:
16.10.2014: EC Red Bull Salzburg - EC VSV 6:1 (1:1,3:0,2:0)
21.11.2014: EC VSV - EC Red Bull Salzburg 0:3 (0:1,0:0,0:2)

Sun, 21. December 2014 (17:30)
HC Orli Znojmo - Fehervar AV19 (174)
Referees: GEBEI, PIRAGIC, Loicht, Nagy
Previous games:
17.10.2014: HC Orli Znojmo - Fehervar AV19 5:4 (2:0,2:2,1:2)
21.11.2014: Fehervar AV19 - HC Orli Znojmo 4:5 n.P. (2:1,1:2,1:1,0:0,0:1)

Sun, 21. December 2014 (17:45 Uhr, live at ServusTV)
Dornbirner Eishockey Club - UPC Vienna Capitals (169)
Referees: GRABER, M. NIKOLIC, Pardatscher, Schauer.
Previous games:
19.09.2014: Dornbirner Eishockey Club - UPC Vienna Capitals: 0:3 (0:0,0:1,0:2)
14.10.2014: UPC Vienna Capitals - Dornbirner Eishockey Club: 2:1 (0:0,0:1,2:0)

Sun, 21. December 2014 (18:45)
HCB Südtirol - EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz (170)
Referees: DREMELJ, KELLNER, Johnstone, Plattner
Previous games:
20.09.2014: EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz - HCB Südtirol 5:2 (2:0,2:2,1:0)
12.10.2014: HCB Südtirol - EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz 4:1 (1:0,2:1,1:0)

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