A day for the underdogs

Montag, 17.November 2014 - 13:27
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HDD Telemach Olimpija Ljubljana won at Leader UPC Vienna Capitals 3:2 after Shoot-out. Dornbirn beat Bozen 3:2. Besides HC Orli Znojmo celebrated a 2:1-win after Shoot-out against Innsbruck. Salzburg took two points from Klagenfurt and Graz was successful in Szekesfehervar. Linz beats Villach. Shootout-victory for Znojmo versus Innsbruck Znojmo started as the better team and pushed forward in search of the opening goal. However, Innsbruck was responsible at the back and helped out Adam Munro in the net as much as possible. Podesva, Tomas and Bartos were all denied by the goalie or a defenseman by a block in their goalscoring opportunities. The visitors offered very little in attack, but managed to hold on to a goalless score after the first period. Five minutes into the second part of the game, Roland Kaspitz showed good stickhandling and awareness when he hit the puck in the air with his back towards the net, but still managed to surprise Tomas Tomek in Znojmo net and open the score. The game got more physical afterwards, with many interruptions and emotions run high on several occasions. Innsbruck was dangerous on the break while the home team did not manage to find the net. And the game understandably did not change after the break. The home side chased a one-goal deficit, but struggled to create goal scoring chances and when one or two came their way, they did not manage to take advantage of them. The home crowd had to wait until the 56th minute to celebrate for the first time when Roman Tomas got clean through on goal and scored with a backhand shot above Munro. Overtime offered a powerplay to both teams, but neither of them took advantage so shootout followed. Roman Tomas and Martin Podesva both scored for the home team while Valdix and Ulmer were denied by Tomek and the second point was claimed by Znojmo. First win for Ljubljana on the road The UPC Vienna Capitals were the better team in the beginning of the game versus HDD Telemach Olimpija Ljubljana, they created some good scoring chances, but couldn’t take advantage of them. Watkins failed the net from short distance and also Fischer’s slapshot only hit the post. After the first break the game went up and down and finally in the 36th minute Schiechl scored the first goal of the night and gave the Caps a 1:0-lead. Thanks to some big saves of Ljubljana-Goalie Chiodo the home team couldn’t extend the lead and the guests were able to turn the game around. Bishop in the powerplay and Medvec just two miutes later gave the Slovenians a 2:1-lead. The Capitals though were able to tie the game in the end, Ferland scored the important 2:2 in minute 58. No goals were scored in the overtime, in the shootout Ljubljana was the luckier team, Koblar’s goal secured the first win for Olimpija on the road in this season. Red Bulls turned game around in Klagenfurt In the game between KAC and EC Red Bull Salzburg both teams played very offensive, attacked already in the opponent’s zone and tried to create some scoring chances, but neither KAC-Goalie Tuokkola nor Salzburg’s Brückler let any goals happen in the first period. After the break Harand (22.) gave the home lead the lead and Koch (27.) extended the lead to 2:0. Although Raffl could score the first goal for the guests in minute 34, KAC managed to bounce back, again Harand made it 3:1. In the last period Salzburg became stronger and took over the control of the game. Raffl, with his second goal of the night, scored in the one-man-advantage and when Walter and Komarek found the net twice in between three minutes the game was turned around. Hughes finally decided the game one minute to go with his shot into the empty KAC-net. Black Wings returned against Villach on the winning-street The first period was dominated by Linz. The hosts started aggressive and took a 3:0-lead. In the final minute EC VSV could score their first goal from a quick counter-attack. Just nine seconds (!) after the re-start Rob Hisey made the 4:1. Then the game was more or less eventless, until Fabio Hofer poked the puck in in a Power Play for the 5:1 late in the second period and decided already the game. In the last period Linz controlled the game and finally celebrated a 7:2-home-win, their first win after 5 defeats. Dornbirn beats Champion The first period was dominated by HCB Südtirol. The Foxes also took the lead from a rebound-goal by Mark Cullen. After the re-start Dornbirn did more for the offense. Finally Zdenek Blatny equalized in a Power Play (37.). In the beginning of the third period the Bulldogs even took the lead in another Power Play. The Champion then missed to equalize in a 5-on-3-situation. Later in the game also Dorbirn had a 5-on-3-Power Play and was successful, when Chris D’Alvise scored from a rebound. 5 minutes before the end Bozen made the 2:3, but Dornbirn brought the win home. 99ers won in Szekesfehervar The first minutes belong to Fehervar. But Graz scored the lead in their first Power Play, while the Hungarians could not score in four Power Plays in the first 20 minutes. But after the re-start the hosts equalized: First Marino fired a shot from a sharp angle, but Sabourin moved quickly from one side of the net to the other and he made the save. But with the next chance Orbán beat Sabourin with a one-timer. Both teams had their chances now: Finally Graz took the lead again in the eight minute. Fehérvár made a mistake, when changing lines and Petruska took the puck on the wing to the net and he scored into the upper short side of the net with a well-placed backhand shot. Less than two minues later Reinthaler fired a shot from the face-off-circle and the puck found its way trough a big crowd into the net. On the other side Sabourn stopped LoVecchio and Wehrs from scoreing. Then Clemens Unterweger surprised Robinson with a distance-shot and made it 4:1. In the third period Fehervar quickly made the 2:4. The Hungarin Team tried to turn the game around, but could not score anymore. Ladislav Sikorcin cme closests to score, but he just hit the post. On the other side Manuel Ganahl decided the game with the 5:2. Dornbirner Eishockey Club – HC Bozen Südtirol 3:2 (0:1, 1:0, 2:1) Referees: NIKOLIC, WARSCHAW; spectators: 2.630 Goals DEC: 1:1 Blatny (37./pp1), 2:1 Bohmbach (42./pp1), 3:1 D’Alvise (54./pp2) Goals HCB: 0:1 Cullen (17.), 2:3 Schofield (56.) EC-KAC – EC Red Bull Salzburg 3:5 (0:0,3:1,0:4) Referees: BERNEKER/NIKOLIC, 4.109 spectators; Goals KAC: Harand (22./37.), Koch (27.); Goals RBS: Raffl (34./sh/47./pp), Walter (54.), Komarek (57.), Hughes (59./en); EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz – EC VSV 7:2 (3:1,2:0,2:1) Referees: ERD/SMETANA, 4.865 spectators Goals Linz: Hisey (13., 21.), Kozek (16./pp), Moran (19.), Hofer (37./pp), Lebler (42.), Ulmer (55.) Goals Villach: Haydar (20., 48./pp) HC Orli Znojmo – HC TWK Innsbruck „Die Haie“2:1 n.P. (0:0,0:1,1:0,0:0,1:0) Referees: DREMELJ/SIEGEL, 2.869 spectators; Goals ZNO: Tomas (56./65./ps); Goals HCI: Kaspitz (26.); UPC Vienna Capitals – HDD Telemach Olimpija Ljubljana 2:3 n.P. (0:0,1:0,1:2,0:0,0:1) Referees: GEBEI/KELLNER; 3850 spectators; Goals VIC: Schiechl (36.), Ferland (58.); Goals OLL: Bishop (49./pp1), Medvec (51.), Koblar (entsch. Pen.); Fehervar AV19 – Moser Medical Graz 99ers 2:5 (0:1,1:3,1:1) Referees: BABIC/TRILAR, 3.429 spectators. GoalsFehervar: Orban (24.), Banham (41.) Goals Graz: Walker (7./pp), Petruska (28.), Reinthaler (29.), Unterweger (36.), Ganahl (54.)

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