Top 3 enter International Break with victories

Montag, 03.November 2014 - 6:03
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UPC Vienna Capitals won in Ljubljana 2:1. For the Leader it was the eight win, in their eight road-game. EC Red Bull Salzburg beat EC-KAC 4:0 and Moser Medical Graz99ers celebrated against HCB Südtirol a 6:1-win. Besides HC Orli Znojmo was successful against Dornbirn and Villach beat Linz.

Znojmo with next clear-home-win over Dornbirn
Last clash between HC Orli Znojmo and Dornbirner Eishockey Club saw twelve goals and the start of their next meeting was very offensive, too. Dornbirn had the early chance when Martin Mairitsch was set up in front of the net, but only hit the crossbar. Exelby had another chance for the visitors on the powerplay only to be denied by Tomek. And later, the home team got the lead. First powerplay of the night was converted by Lubomir Stach after a quick combination in front of Dornbirn´s net. Znojmo, currently the top EBEL team on the powerplay, confirmed their good form in one-man advantage later in the period, when Pavel Rosa put in a rebound to make it 2:0.

Shortly after the break, Branislav Rehus fired home a quick wristshot straight into the top corner for 3:0. The visitors pulled one back on the powerplay thanks to Jonathan D´Aversa and his fierce shot through a crowd of bodies that found its way past Tomek. But the Eagles soon restored their advantage thanks to Jindrich Abdul, the young forward beating Lawson on his near post at 31:53. And goals kept coming in the final period. Roman Tomas scored twice in 41st and 50th minute, both times on the powerplay, and Ondrej Fiala with Jakub Grof took advantage of too many fouls commited by the visitors. They were dangerous in the offensive zone, too, and Jamie Arniel with Justin Di Benedetto managed to push the score to a more respectable outlook for the Bulldogs. For ZNO ist was the sixth home-win in a row!

Vienna stayed unbeaten on the road also in Ljubljana
In Hala Tivoli HDD Telemach Olimpija Ljubljana welcomed UPC Vienna Capitals for a duel of last vs. first. After even first minutes the Capitals took the lead in 9th minute. Brett Carson found Kristopher Foucault alone at the left post and he scored with a nice placed tip in shot between the keepers legs. 10 seconds later Gregor Koblar made a boarding foul. Visitors quickly converted on the power play. In 2nd attempt Adam Naglich put in the net a rebound after Jamie Fraser's blueliner. In 16th minute the dragons got one back. Gregor Koblar feed to Hunter Bishop who beat David Kickert with a well placed shot.

The second period was much the same. There was a lot of skating, but not that many good scoring chances. Half way into the game Olimpija had their second power play of the game, but Vienna easily killed it. As the end of the period neared the guests got more dangerous, but still they failed to beat Andy Chiodo for the third time. Early in the final period the Leader made two consecutive fouls that gave Olimpija a 21 second two men advantage. Olimpija had three more Power Plays, but could not take advantage. Vienna was in control of the game. With a smart play the Austrians kept Chiodo in dragons net until there were only 15 seconds remaining. By then it was too late for the dragons to create a chance for an equalizer.

With this win Vienna kept their perfect away record - from eight wins in eight games - intact, while the dragons remain at the bottom of the table.

Salzburg beat KAC
The first chances had KAC, but Daniel Ban and Kyle Wharton were stopped by Hovinen. Then Salzburg took over and scored a 2:0-lead within 59 seconds after just seven minutes. KAC-Head Coach Doug Mason took a Time-out, but the Red Bulls continued to dominate. After the re-start the teams took more penalties. The guests came to a 5-on-3-Power Play for 33 seconds, but could not take advantage of it. Salzburg did better and made the 3:0 later in a Power Play. Also in the last period Salzburg played good defense and Hovinen was not to beat. While Klagenfurt could not score, Dave Meckler added the fourth goal for Salzburg.

99ers with clear home-win against the Champion
Moser Medical Graz99ers dominated the game against Bozen and quickly took a 2:0-lead. The Italians were dangerous in the first period just in a Power Play (10.). Then the Styrians took over again and could have scored some more goals, but Clemens Unterweger (post) and Matt Kelly (crossbar) stayed unlucky. After the re-start HCB Südtirol quickly took advantage from a Power Play and scored the 1:2. But the Graz99ers stayed unimpressed and answered with much pressure. Their effort paid off and they added three more goals from Tyler Scofield (volley), Stefan Lassen (Blueliner) and Philipp Pinter after a nice 3-on-1-situation. In the last 20 Minutes the 99ers brought the win home, Olivier Latendresse even made the 6:1.

Black Wings lost in Villach in Overtime
Jason Ulmer opened the scoring already in the fourth minute. Then Gerhard Unterluggauer had to leave the ice with a Game Misconduct, because of Boarding. Shortly after their Powerplay Rob Hisey made the 2:0 for Linz. Villach answered with the 1:2 from John Lammers (17.). After the re-start Villach turned the game thanks goals from the defensemen Mario Altmann and Geoff Waugh. In the last period Andrew Kozek equalized for Linz. But Marco Pewal quickly made the lead for the Eagles from a counter again. But the Upper Austrians did not give up and had a quick answer from Jason Ulmer - 4:4. In the Overtime Mark Santorelli deflected the puck after a shot from the blueline from Cole Jarrett and fixed Villach's win.

Sun, 02.11.2014: Moser Medical Graz99ers - HCB Südtirol 6:1 (2:0,3:1,1:0)
Referees: KELLNER/SIEGEL; spectators: 3.260
Goals Graz: Walker (6.), Zagrapan (10.), Scofield (28.), Lassen (32./pp), Pinter (36.), Latendresse (60.)
Goal Bozen: Pance (24./pp)

Sun, 02.11.2014: HDD Telemach Olimpija Ljubljana - UPC Vienna Capitals 1:2 (1:2,0:0,0:0)
Referees: GEBEI/WIDMANN; spectators: 1.000
Goal Ljubljana: Bishop (16.)
Goals Wien: Foucault (9.), Naglich (10./pp)

Sun, 02.11.2014: EC VSV – EHC Liwest Black Wings Linz 5:4 n.V. (1:2,2:0,1:2,1:0)
Referees: BERNEKER/GAMPER, spectators: 3.396
Goals VSV: Lammers (17.), Altmann (29./pp2), Waugh (40.), Pewal (50.), Santorelli (65./pp)
Goals EHL: Ulmer (4./pp, 52.), Hisey (13.), Kozek (48.);

Sun, 02.11.2014: HC Orli Znojmo - Dornbirner EC 8:3 (2:0,2:1,4:2)
Referees: BABIC/SMETANA; spectators: 2.513
Goals Znojmo: Stach (10./pp), Rosa (18./pp), Rehus (23.), Abdul (32.), Tomas (41./pp, 50./pp), Fiala (47.), Grof (53./pp2)
Goals Dornbirn: D'Aversa (29./pp), Arniel (44.), DiBenedetto (58./pp)

Sun, 02.11.2014: EC Red Bull Salzburg – EC-KAC 4:0 (2:0,1:0,1:0)
Referees: NIKOLIC/NIKOLIC; spectators: 3.200.
Goals RBS: Walter (5.), Beach (6.), Hughes (35./pp), Meckler (51.)

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