99ers do it again at Villach, Salzburg and Vienna unbeaten

Montag, 22.September 2014 - 9:35
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Fehervar AV19 beats Olimpija Ljubljana 4:0 and ends their bad home-series against the Slovenes after seven losses. Bozen celebrated in Znojmo their first season-win. Salzburg (vs. Dornbirn) and Vienna (in Innsbruck) won also their fourth game. Graz was successful in Villach the sixth time in a row. Fehervar AV19 made pressure from the beginning, but Andy Chiodo stopped the Hungarians from scoring. But the lead for the hosts was just a question of time and finally Brando Marino arrived in the right moment after a perfect backhand-diagonal-pass from Johan Ejdelpalm and scored into the open net (17.). After the re-start the same picture: Fehervar made the game, but Andy Chiodo was not to beat. Then the hosts took some penaltys and now the Slovenes took over, but could not break through the strong AVS-defense. Brandon Marino even got the puck, outplayed his opponent and scored the 2:0. In the last period Fehervar AV19 added two more Power Play goals from Andrew Sarauer and Jeff LoVecchio and won clearly 4:0. For the Hungarians it was their first home-win against Olimpija Ljubljana, the Slovenes are still without points after four games, since the 2011/2012-season. Goalie Miklos Rajna celebrated his first Shut-out in Erste Bank Eishockey Liga. Bozen gets first season-win in Znojmo Bozen pressed hard in the very start of the match. In fact they totally surprised home team’s defense with breaks and long passes all along the rink. In the sixth minute the Foxes stroke hard by Rick Schofield, who escaped to Znojmo defenders and aimed exactly through Cikanek. Not even a minute later Matthew Sisca performed another successful break and raised the lead of the Foxes. Same player could score again two minutes after, but only hit the post while being attacked in the circle. It seemed hopeless for the home team, but in the 18. minute Roman Tomas succeeded in power-play and returned will to the Znojmo. The second part of the game was much quicker than the first one but both teams showed great defenses when only one goal was scored. Justin Keller, the new acquisition in Bolzano’s line-up shot with backhand over the Cikanek’s back. The rest of the period Orli pressed, shot and tried to score really hard but could not overcome great goalie Hübl. The third period was fully led by Znojmo. The home team pressed and tried to score whatever it cost. This ended up with a goal by Jakub Grof, who aimed exactly from the blue line right up to Hübl’s shoulder. Next ten minutes the Eagles were a class better team, Bolzano tried to score from breaks, but no team was successful anymore. Red Bulls stay on the Top EC Red Bull Salzburg started with much pressure into the home-game agaisnt Dornbirner EC, but the first goal was scored by the Bulldogs: James Arniel finished a nice counter (7.). Salzburg answered quickly in a Powerplay, Troy Milam then even made the lead for the hosts. After the re-start Guillaume Desbiens and Justin DiBenedetto, in a shorthanded situation, missed to equalize. The Red Bulls were in the position of the puck now most of the time, but could not beat DEC-goalie David Madlener. RBS-forward Kyle Beach even missed to score from a Penaltyshot. Finally Ryan Duncan surprised the DEC-Goalie with a distance-shot (52.) and made the 3:1. The Red Bulls then added two more goals and won clearly 5:1. 99ers won again in Villach Moser Medical Graz99ers took the lead with their first chance in minute 18: Manuel Ganahl deflected the puck after a shot from Mitch Ganzak. After the re-start the guests quickly made the 2:0, Olivier Latendresse finished a solo after just 35 seconds. Villach reacted and played more active now and finally Benjamin Petrik scored the 1:2. In the last 20 minutes the Eagles took to many penalties and so the 99ers brought the win home. Manuel Ganahl even scored the 3:1 in a 5-on-3-Powerplay. For Graz this victory meaned the sixth win in a row in Villach. Vienna decided game in Innsbruck in a Power Play In an even first period Innsbruck scored the 1:1 in their second Power Play. The Hosts then missed to extend their lead. The Vienna Capitals turned the game around in the middle period with a Power Play and a Shorthanded goal. After that the guests pressured for the third goal. But early in the third period Matt Siddall tied the game, before Brett Carson made the game-winner for the Capitals in a Power Play. The Capitals are still unbeaten this season! Erste Bank Eishockey Liga Sun, 21.09.2014: EC Red Bull Salzburg – Dornbirner Eishockey Club 5:1 (2:1,0:0,3:0) Referees: DREMELJ/GEBEI, 1.600 spectators Goals RBS: Fahey (12./pp), Milam (20.), Duncan (52.), Raffl (54.), Trattnig (59./sh) Goal DEC: Arniel (7.) Sun, 21.09.2014: Fehervar AV19 - HDD Telemach Olimpija Ljubljana 4:0 (1:0,1:0,2:0) Referees: ERD/SMETANA; spectators: 3.416 Goals Szekesfehervar: Marino (17., 32./sh), Sarauer (52./pp), Lovecchio (54./pp) Sun, 21.09.2014: HC Orli Znojmo - HCB Südtirol 2:3 (1:2,0:1,1:0) Referees: SIEGEL/WIDMANN; spectators: 2.074 Goals Znojmo: Tomas (18./pp), Grof (50./pp) Goals Bozen: Schofield (6.), Sisca (7.), Keller (21.) Sun, 21.09.2014: EC VSV – Moser Medical Graz99ers 1:3 (0:1,1:1,0:1) Referees: GRABER/VEIT, 3.099 spectators Goal Villach: Petrik (33.); Goals Graz: Ganahl (17./pp, 60./pp2), Latendresse (21.) Sun, 21.09.2014: HC TWK Innsbruck "Die Haie" - UPC Vienna Capitals 2:3 (1:0,0:2,1:1) Referees: SEWELL/WARSCHAW; spectators: 2.000 Goals Innsbruck: Ulmer (14./pp), Siddall (44.) Goals Wien: Peter (28.), Foucault (30.), Carson (49./pp)

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