Dornbirn shocks Graz in overtime

Donnerstag, 27.Februar 2014 - 12:22
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The Bulldogs of Dornbirn are just one step away of reaching the play-offs for the first time! After surprising Gratz with an overtime-win, DEC has everything in its own hands.

53 seconds into the game Dornbirn's Jonathan D'Aversa hit the crossbar, but it was Graz that scored the first two goals from Stefan Lassen (9.), and Kevin Moderer (10.). Partly the Bulldogs seemed to have a hard time to keep pace with the home team. Eventually before the first intermission Martin Mairitsch (17.) succeeded, assisted by Niki Petrik well-positioned behind the goal. At the beginning of the second period Stefan Lassen quickly (21./pp1) made the 3:1 with a shoot from the blue line. Dornbirn didn't give up, and made for a lot of commotion in front of the 99ers goal. Martin Mairitsch hit the post, Luciano Aquino (24.) used the rebound to score Dornbirn's second goal. Three minutes into the last period the DEC showed off its powerplay skills, and Jamie Arniel (43./pp1) scored the tie. Eight minutes later Alex Plante scored Dornbirns first lead in the game. But Manuel Ganahl brought Graz back into the game and made the 4:4. In overtime it was Jamie Arniel (61.), who fixed the win for Dornbirn. This hard-fought win ensures that the Bulldogs stay on a play off spot, with two matchdays left.

Quelle: Erste Bank Liga