Graz takes tough loss at Ljubljana

Montag, 23.Dezember 2013 - 8:59
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In a Christmas spirited game HDD Telemach Olimpija Ljubljana welcomed Moser Medical Graz 99ers to Tivoli Hall for the 2nd time in twelve days.

Styrians got off to flying start. In the opening minute Jerry Kuhn had to make two saves. Olimpija was under pressure until 9th minute. Than a fast play saw Anze Ropret get a good shot on Danny Sabourin. Right away Ziga Pesut got sent to the sin bin but 99ers complicated too much to take the lead. As Olimpija got back to full strength the dragons got some offense going. In 12th minute they took the lead out of nothing. Nick Ross’s blueliner got deflected by Ales Music in front of the net. With two minutes left in the period Andrej Hebar doubled the leas as he converted in 2nd attempt.

When Zintis Zusevics had to go to the cool box Olimpija quickly increased the lead to three. It took them 24 seconds before Gregor Koblar redirected Ziga Grahut’s blueliner. Than 99ers just took over.

Olimpija’s defense was under heavy pressure but it and especially Jerry Kuhn coped with it perfectly. 99ers-captain Olivier Latendresse had 3 best chances for the visitors. In 27th minute Ales Music got on a counter attack but his shot ended up hitting the post. When Kenny MacAulay made a holding foul 99ers were quickly back applying the pressure on Olimpija. It finally paid off in 36th minute: From the right side Greg Day found Manuel Ganahl in front of the net. With a well placed shot he beat Jerry Kuhn under the crossbar.

In the last 20 minutes Olimpija comfortably controlled outcome of the game. 99ers did their best trying to change the pace of the game but this time it was not to be. Danny Sabourin had more work to do as he saved to Judd Blackwater and Miha Pesjak. In 50th minute Manuel Ganahl came close to his second of the game but Jerry Kuhn ended up denying him. Olimpija’s win was confirmed with just over two minutes to go. As Danny Sabourin got a penalty for delaying the game Nick Ross made it 4:1 for the dragons. With the loss 99ers remain on place 7 trailing Znojmo by 5 points. They’ll have a chance to revange the defeat on Thursday, when the team will square off once more in Graz.

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