Villach wins Eagles battle in Znojmo

Mittwoch, 27.November 2013 - 8:21
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Villach has climbed to second spot in the EBEL rankings. With a 5:4 victory at Znojmo the Carinthians took their 5th win in a row.

EC VSV had a perfect start into the game in Znojmo: Markus Peintner scored the lead after only 21 seconds. Just two minutes later it was Captain Gerhard Unterluggauer, who aimed exactly to Sasu Hovi’s net. Znojmo’s goalie was changed, after the second goal Filip Landsman came in. But changing the goalie didn’t help the Czechs, Brock McBride scored the 3:0, while he was falling. At this time it was only four minutes played. The rest of the first period Znojmo was pressing, but could score no goal. Villach tried to score more goals in the second period, but it was Znojmo who did so: Lubomir Stach netted with a shot from the slot the first goal for the hosts in a Power Play. Then the teams played more aggressively and this led to some penalties: On a 5-on-3-Powerplay Derek Ryan scored the fourth goal for Villach.

The second period was interrupted because of some problems with the ice. After solving this problem the game continued and Gerhard Unterluggauer scored the fifth goal of the Blue-and-White Eagles. The last period was totally dominated by Znojmo. At first scored Znojmo’s captain Jiri Beroun. Then the home-team was pressing for another goal, but it took the hosts until the 59th minute to get the third, when Richard Pavlikovsky shot from the blue line. Znojmo took a time-out and tried to score again. Landsman stood on substitute benches and Eagles tried hard. Seven seconds before the game ended Ales Sova pulled one back to make it 4:5! In the very end, two seconds to end, Zdenek Blatny shot from the short distance, but his shot missed the net only by couple of millimeters. Villach had the better end in a very exciting game in Znojmo, winning 5:4 and celebrating their fifth win in a row.

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