99ers too strong for Fehervar

Donnerstag, 14.November 2013 - 9:45
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Coach Matikainen has lifted Graz onto the winning track and the 99ers continued their streak on Wednesday. Fehervar had to leaf with a hard defeat. Graz started ambitious in the home-game against SAPA Fehervar AV19 and quickly came to good chances from Ryan Kinasewich and Manuel Ganahl, but Miklos Rajna was not to beat. The best chance for the guests missed Arpad Mihaly. The hosts made the game and finally Zintis-Nauris Zusevics could score the lead for the 99ers. Even the Styrians dominated the game, the devils could score the equalizer: After a nice combination over Adam Naglich and former Graz-player Andy Sertich, Andrew Sarauer was successful. In the middle period Graz showed once again much offense and was able to score three goals from Manuel Ganahl, Daniel Woger and Francis Lemieux within ten minutes. Fehervar’s Head Coach Marty Raymond reacted and brought Bence Balizs instead of Miklos Rajna for the final 20 minutes. Also in the last period the hosts made the game and extended the score with two more goals from Ryan Kinasewich and Olivier Latendresse to a 6:1-home-win over SAPA Fehervar AV19.

Quelle: Erste Bank Liga