Fehervar lost in Villach

Freitag, 01.November 2013 - 6:07
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Halloween time in Villach and VSV led 3:0 against Fehervar but the Hungarians fought back and almost had the turnaround. In the end, VSV took the game with a strong finish.

Fehervar had a good start in Villach. The guests played very aggressive and came two good chances from Arpad Mihaly and Bence Sziranyi (5.). When the game continued the Eagles got more and more the control of the game: A shot from Patrick Platzer after a good diagonal-pass from Alexander Rauchenwald missed his aim (9.). After a fight between Brock McBride und Attila Orban, Klemen Pretnar only hit the post in a Power Play and a goal from John Hughes was not allowed, because the situation was just stopped before.

In the second period the hosts showed their right face and got a 3:0-lead with goals from Brock McBride, John Hughes and Gerhard Unterluggauer, whose good shot from the blue line was deflected from Andrew Saraurer into the own net within five minutes. In the 38th minute VSV-goalie Thomas Höneckl got hurt and was replaced by J. P. Lamoureux, who was beaten after eight seconds from Arpad Mihaly through the legs.

After the second break SAPA Fehervar AV19 could even tie the game with goals from Attila Nemeth and Bence Szirany, who scored with a good shot from the blue line. But Villach had the right answer: Eight minutes before the end Marco Pewal intercepted a pass from goalie Miklos Rajna, skated around the net and scored the 4:3-lead for his team. This was the turning-point in the game. Cole Jarrett then added two more goals, fixing the 6:3-home-win for EC VSV over SAPA Fehervar AV19. The Eagles play already again on Friday (17:30) in Salzburg, while the Hungarians played in Villach their last game before the November-break.

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