Red hot Salzburg with big win against KAC

Samstag, 12.Oktober 2013 - 8:29
GEPA-11101368036.jpg GEPA / Red Bulls

Tough evening for champions KAC at Salzburg. The Carinthians missed lots of regular power forces and got crushed by a red hot Red Bulls team.

Champion EC-KAC missed seven key-players against Salzburg, the Red Bulls only Trattnig. Salzburg got the lead in the first Power Play (6.). The hosts then dominated the game. Cullen and Raffl (he only hit the post) missed good chances for the 2:0, which Andreas Kristler could score with a shot from the blue line late in the first period (18.).

In the second period Klagenfurt came to more opportunities (Pöck, Fretter), but Luka Gracnar was not to beat. On the other side Evan Brophey, who made his first game for the Red Bulls in Erste Bank Eishockey Liga, and Dave Meckler extended the lead for Salzburg in the middle of the game within 80 seconds to 4:0. Thomas Raffl even made the 5:0 with a rebound. In the last period Salzburg added two more goals. Matt Keith, with a shot from the blue line and Florian Mühlstein were successful. Fahey, Kristler (post) and Motzko (post) had good chances for a higher Salzburg-win.

EC Red Bull Salzburg – EC-KAC 7:0 (2:0, 3:0, 2:0)
Referees: SMETANA/SPORER, 2.500 spectators
Goals Salzburg: 1:0 Kristler (6./PP), 2:0 Kristler (18.), 3:0 Brophey (30.), 4:0 Meckler (31.), 5:0 Raffl (38.), 6:0 Keith (51.), 7:0 Mühlstein (58.)

Quelle: Erste Bank Eishockey Liga