VSV turns down Innsbrucks ambitions

Mittwoch, 09.Oktober 2013 - 8:01
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A hard earned victory was the 3:2 of VSV against Innsbruck. The sharks reached out for an away surprise, but Villach turned around the game into a victory.

Only 47 seconds were played, when Innsbruck’s forward Justin Donati only hit the post. But then Villach made the game: While Derek Ryan (2.) and John Hughes (3.) still failed good scoring opportunities, Curtis Fraser was able to make the lead on a Power Play (5.). Innsbruck then found better into their game and even turned the game around with two goals from Justin Donati, while Michael Forney, who made his debut for Villach, forgave a big chance.

In the second period Patrick Machreich saved his team with good saves the lead. Patrick Platzer, Derek Ryan and Co. were stopped by Innsbruck’s goalie and John Hughes only hit the post. On the other side Patrick Mössmer missed Innsbruck’s best chance. Villach’s effort was rewarded six seconds before the second break, when Captain Gerhard Unterluggauer could score the equalizer in a Power Play. In the third period the hosts first could not take advantage of a 5-on-3-Power Play. But after missing several good chances – the shot-statistic after 60 minutes was 47:19 for Villach - it was Derek Ryan, who scored the 3:2-Game Winner for EC VSV.

EC VSV – HC TWK Innsbruck „Die Haie“ 3:2 (1:2,1:0,1:0)
Referees: Kincses/Smetana, spectators: 3.001;
Goals Villach: Fraser (5./PP), Unterluggauer (40./PP), Ryan (46.);
Goals Innsbruck: J. Donati (13./PP, 18.)

Quelle: Erste Bank Liga