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Bozen and Fehervar with two games within 24 hours, Eagles-clash in Villach

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Freitag, 28.November 2014 - 9:20 - Four games are played on Friday in Erste Bank Eishockey Liga: Olimpija Ljubljana welcomes EC-KAC. EC VSV hosts HC Orli Znojmo in an Eagles-Clash. Salzburg and Vienna fight for the first place and Dornbirner EC welcomes Graz. On Saturday Fehervar welcomes Bozen. The Foxes won so far all games in Hungary. Just 24 hours later the Champion plays in Vienna and Fehervar in Graz.

HDD Telemach Olimpija Ljubljana is hosting EC-KAC on Friday. The Slovenians couldn’t score one single goal in the last two games, on Friday they want to get back on track and be at least more efficient in their scoring. The victories at Vienna (16Nov.) and at Innsbruck (22 Nov.) though show, that Ljubljana is always good for a surprise. Klagenfurt has a good team, with strong individuals. We have to be ready from the first minute, concentrate on our game and stick to our gameplan. It will be hard work, but of course we believe in winning versus KAC”, said Coach Fabian Dahlem, who will be missing Hebar, Leber and Koren in his lineup on Friday.

With the win on Tuesday at Znojmo KAC collected a lot of self-confidence and wants to keep on winning also at Ljubljana. “I hope the victory at Znojmo was the beginning to a winning streak. Olimpija plays very strong in their own end, so we have to play with a lot of speed to create chances”, knows forward JF Jacques and Youngster Kreuzer added: “Ljubljana is not the most talented team of the league, but they are always fighting til the end.”
Schuller (lower body), Strömberg and St. Geier (both upper body) will not be availabel for the game.

Bulldogs host third-placed 99ers
In each of the last four games Dornbirn could collect at least one point and won two games. On Friday the third-placed Graz 99ers hit the road to Vorarlberg, nevertheless Coach Dave Mac Queen is looking forward to the game: “It will be a good test for us. After the game we will know how good we really are.” Although the Bulldogs los the first game versus Graz 1:5, Mac Queen is sure: “We are for sure a better team now than we were one month ago. We realized that we have to win games to reach the playoffs.” With Di Benedetto, Mairitsch, Häußle (all upper body) and Madlener (lower body) there will be four players not available for the game versus the 99ers.

The Moser Medical Graz 99ers on the other side lost their last two games, at Dornbirn they want to win again. Though Graz doesn’t want to underestimate their opponent: “We have to stop thinking of the final result already in the third period. We will try to focus just on our game and wait for our chances. We are highly motivated and want to come back home with two points”, stated Kevin Moderer. Not available will be Latendresse and Lassen (both upper body, if Woger and Kelly will be able to play is not sure yet.

Salzburg and Vienna fight for the first place
Leader EC Red Bull Salzburg hosts their first persecutor, UPC Vienna Capitals, on Friday. The Red Bulls over-took Vienna on Tuesday with a 3:2-comeback-win in Graz and are now one point ahead of the Capitals. In Salzburg fights also the best offense vs. the best defense and the best home team vs. the best road-team. The Red Bulls scored so far 88 goals, while Vienna got just 43 goals. Besides Salzburg won eight from ten home-games, while the Capitals got points in all ten road-games and left the ice nine times as the winner. Imposing is Salzburg strength in the last 20 minutes: The Red Bulls won in their last four games the last period and achieved a score from 11:0. The first season-duel won Salzburg in Vienna with 4:2. And last season Salzburg was successful in all 3 home-games against Vienna.

Quotes: Konstantin Komarek, Forard EC Red Bull Salzburg: "We are a team, that can win each game. We are glad, that we play for Salzburg and not against the Red Bulls. Now we host Vienna. It will be THE Game. I hope it will be such a good and exciting match, how we all expect. Vienna plays compact, all their players work hart and that makes it so difficult to play against them.“
Tom Pokel, Headcoach UPC Vienna Capitals: "Last weekend we made a big step forward again, played really well and made forgotten the defeats against Znojmo and Ljubljana. And Salzburg is also back after their defeat in Champions Hockey League. We can expect a great game.“

Injury report and more:
Salzburg misses Luka Gracnar and Zdenek Kutlak, while the Capitals are without Markus Schlacher and Rafael Rotter.

Best Powerplay-Teams face in the Eagles-clash in Villach
While Villach celebrated in his last game a 2:1-overtime-win in Klagenfurt, HC Orli Znojmo lost on Tuesday at home against EC-KAC 3:4 for the first time after seven wins in a row. On Friday Villach and Znjmo will face now in the Eagles-Clash. The first duel game between the two teams this season won Znojmo 6:1. Thebiggest danger comes from both teams from their Powerplay: Znojmo leads this statistic with an efficience from 33,33%, Villach is second with 30,0%. The Czechs scored 37from their 87 goals in Powerplay, Villach 21 from 54 (both nearly 40%0). With Znojmo comes with Peter Pucher the leading-EBEL-scorer to Villach. The Forward scored already 30 points (11 goals and 19 Assists). Villachs best scorer is Darren Haydar with 15 points (10G/5A). Pavel Rosa (7), Pucher (6), Roman Tomas (5) and for Villach Haydar (6) and Brock McBride (4) are the best scorers in power Play.

Quotes: Gerhard Unterluggauer, Captain EC VSV: „It will be an important weekend for us, because we need the points. Znojmo is a string team and has good skaters! It want be easy for us.“ Adam Havlik, Forward HC Orli Znojmo: "We lost our last game and I feel it was unnecessary, but at the same time I don´t think we need to change our style of play. Our game works well, we just need to keep our concentration for the whole game and do not let us be pushed into a situation where we have to chase the game again."

Injury report:
Villach misses Mario Altmann and Geoff Waugh. Besides behind Patrick Platzer, Marco Pewal, Nico Brunner and Marius Göhringer are questionmarks! Znojmo travels without Pavel Rosa und Ales Sova to Villach. Besides Jan Seda and Maris Jass might miss the game.

Fehervar and Bozen with two games within 24 hours
Fehervar AV19 hosts HCB Südtirol on Saturday. The Foxes have won so far all four games in Hungary so far. For both teams it is an important game in the fight for a top 6 spot. Fehervar AV19 is now sixth, four points ahead of Bozen. While the Champion coud reduce the distance to the Top 6 with two points to two points, Fehervar on the other side could leave the Foxes with a win far behind. The Italians are in Novemer still without a road-win, lost in Innsbruck, Dornbirn and Graz. But also Fehervar got just one win after the International Break in five games. Just 24 hours later Bozen plays on Sunday in Vienna and Fehervar traveles to Graz. Both teams lost both games this season so far against their opponent on Sunday.

Rob Pallin, Headcoach Fehervar AV19: "Saturday’s game against Bolzano is a very important game for us, a four-point game. We are a very good team with puck management but we have to play better on the defensive side of the puck as a collective team. From the goaltender out we must play well defensively in order to be successful against Bolzano. Bolzano plays a very defensive style of hockey and they have a very good goaltender. These are games you must look forward to playing, an important game for both sides. Then waits Graz: We’ve lost two games against the 99ers this year but I believe we played pretty strong games against them. They do have the best goalie in the league and Sabourin was the difference of the last game against Graz. Their building is always a difficult place to play. In order to be successful against them we must play tight, defensive hockey. Our powerplay on the road must get better.“
Jaroslav Hübl, Goalie HCB Südtirol: "The game in Szekesfehervar is very important for us. We want to come closer to the Top 6. I expect a hart fought game. We must play with disciline and with hurt like agaisnt Ljubljana. Fehervar has a good offense, so we have to play good defense and wait for ur chances. Also the game in Vienna will be a hart fought game for sure. We will give our best in both for sure!“

Injury report:
Bozen misses G?nther Hell.html'>G G?nther Hell and Roland Hofer. Fehervar misses against Boze Balint Magosi (suspended). In Graz the forward is allowed to play again.

EC Red Bull Salzburg - UPC Vienna Capitals (127)
Referees: DREMELJ, SMETANA, Hofstätter, Rakovic.
Previous games:
26.09.2014: UPC Vienna Capitals - EC Red Bull Salzburg 2:4 (0:0,2:2,0:2)

EC VSV - HC Orli Znojmo (129)
Referees: GEBEI, KINCSES, Hribar, Johnstone
Previous games:
31.10.2014: HC Orli Znojmo - EC VSV 6:1 (2:1,1:0,3:0)

Dornbirner Eishockey Club – Moser Medical Graz 99ers (130)
Referees: KELLNER/VEIT, Plattner, Schauer.
Previous games:
12.09.2014: Moser Medical Graz99ers - Dornbirner Eishockey Club 5:1 (2:0,2:1,1:0)

HDD Telemach Olimpija Ljubljana – EC-KAC
Referees: M. NIKOLIC/PIRAGIC, Dreier, Nothegger
Previous games:
12.09.2014: EC-KAC - HDD Telemach Olimpija Ljubljana 3:1 (2:0,0:1,1:0)

Sat, 29. November 2014 (17:30)
Fehervar AV19 - HCB Südtirol (132)
Referees: GRUBER, WARSCHAW, Nemeth, Soos.
Previous games:
31.10.2014: HCB Südtirol - Fehervar AV19 3:4 n.P. (1:0,1:1,1:2,0:0,0:1)

Sun, 30. November 2014 (17:30)
UPC Vienna Capitals - HCB Südtirol (136)
Referees: GEBEI, SIEGEL, Johnston, Loicht
Previous games:
17.10.2014: UPC Vienna Capitals - HCB Südtirol 2:1 (1:0,1:1,0:0)
21.11.2014: HCB Südtirol - UPC Vienna Capitals 3:4 (1:2,1:0,1:2)

Sun, 30. November 2014 (17:30)
Moser Medical Graz99ers - Fehervar AV19 (137)
Referees: GRUBER, WARSCHAW, Ettlmayr, Hofstätter
Previous games:
26.09.2014: Moser Medical Graz99ers - Fehervar AV19 4:1 (2:0,2:1,0:0)
16.11.2014: Fehervar AV19 - Moser Medical Graz99ers 2:5 (0:1,1:3,1:1)

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