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Villach with last-second-home-win against Znojmo

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Donnerstag, 27.Februar 2014 - 12:20 - 0.2 seconds before the buzzer Znojmo was beaten! At Villach the home-boys scored in the final blinks of the game and still can hope to reach the top 4.

Villach had the first good chance, when Captain Gerhard Unterluggauer tried his luck with a good shot (3.). The guests first opportunity came then in minute 12, but Lubomir Stach missed the net. One minute later Villach got the lead: Curtis Fraser scored from the rebound after a shot from Derek Ryan. Just seconds later Alex Rauchenwald missed the 2:0.
In the second period Znojmo took over the control of the game and turned the game around with two goals from Patrik Novak (31., 33.). Peter Pucher came close to score the third goal (34.), but was stopped by US-goalie J. P. Lamoureux. But in the 36th minute the “Red Eagles” were successful in a 5-on-3-Power Play, Adam Havlik scored the 3:1. But the home-team answered in a Power Play still in the second period.

Also in the 20 minutes the Czechs were the dominating team and pressured for the decision. But the guuests could not beat J. P. Lamoureux for a fourth time. Villach even survived a 5-on-3-Power Play from Znojmo for two minutes. The Czechs missed several chances and where punished for that: A shot from Derek Ryan was deflected by Richard Pavlikovsky into the own net. The guests once more were unlucky, when Stach (57.) only hit the post after a break. 0.2 seconds before the end Klemen Pretnar fixed the win for Villach with a shot from the blue line.

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