Hosts Black Wings Linz win Group G

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Sonntag, 20.Oktober 2002 - 17:46 - The hosts of Continental Cup Group G, Black Wings Linz, have secured their third straight win over the weekend and will travel to Belfast to compete in the third round of the IIHF Continental Cup 2002/03.

French team of Grenoble looked very long to be a big obstacle for the Austrians. It was until the third quarter, that the french vice - champion held the lead against the home team, but then lost the game within a few minutes.

Unlike expected the "wolves" showed their teeth on the final day and were hard to beat for the Black Wings. After 40 Minutes the French led the match by 3:2 and looked as if they even could play for first place.

But in the final 20 minutes the hosts from Linz turned around the match and finally won by 6:4.

So the Black Wings can now plan for the third round of Continental Cup, which will take place in Belfast, Northern Ireland, from November 22nd to 24th.

Black Wings Linz - GMH Grenoble 6:3 (1:1, 1:2, 4:1)
Tore: 0:1 Xavier De Murcia (17:45, Deschaume), 1:1 Christian Perthaler (18:38, R. Lukas), 2:1 Marc Szücs (25:45, Intranuovo, Podloski), 2:2 Benoit Bachelet (27:19, Vuoti), 2:3 Jean.Francis Bonnard (39:33, Billieras), 3:3 Petr Kuchyna (42:26, Nasheim, P. Lukas), 4:3 Andreas Judex (46:41, Eichberger), 5:3 Ralph Intranuovo (50:12, Szücs), 5:4 Benoit Bachelet (53:31, Agnel), 6:3 Ralph Intranuovo (55:40, Szücs, Krulis).