Black Wings with surprising win against Kazzinc

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Samstag, 19.Oktober 2002 - 21:46 - What a night for the homecrowd of Black Wings Linz! The hosts of Continental Cup Group G made a big step towards round 3 by winning against the big favorits from Torpedo Kazzinc! 4:2 was the final score and Linz now needs a point against Grenoble on Sunday to proceed to the next round!

Their best match of the season could have been the key to the third round for Continental Cup Group G hosts Black Wings Linz.

Against the 11 times Champions Torpedo Kazzinc the team from Linz was the underdog in this game, but this time, Torpedo had no chance.

The hosts started without any respect, but it was Torpedo, who had the first scoring chances. On the other side, Linz was hungry for the fast break an after only 47 seconds such a break brought the fist goal of the evening.

And this picture continued during the first period. Kazzinc in Offense, almost always in front of Pavel Nestak's goal, but they could not score, though they showed great technical skills.

Completely different the Black Wings: with two more breaks they put the score up to 3:0 - a sensational lead after 20 minutes.

And the miracle continued in the second period. Now the hosts had more chances, but still relied on a good defense and fast breaks. Kazzinc was the better team, had more shots and more possession of the puck, but again: Linz scored! So it was 4:0 at 40 Minutes and the Black Wings and their 2.200 Fans who were happy.

The final period started and Torpedo Kazzinc had to do something. Due to a lot of penalties for the Upper Austrians, Kazzinc poduced high pressure and after more than 5 minutes in this period, they finally could beat Pavel Nestak in goal for Linz.

Now they tried everything to get more goals, but they lacked precision and luck. So only one more goal was scored and Linz won with 4:2.

The shoot out after the match was won by Kazzinc (3:0) - noch player from Linz could score! This result would only come to use, if both teams finish with the same points and goals!

After this victory the Black Wings just need a point in their final match on Sundy. Their opponents, GMH Grenoble, has just won the first two points. Usually the Black Wings should win this compettion too and proceed to the third round, where they would play in Belfast!

Kazzinc can only hope, that Grenoble will beat the hosts on Sunday and then prove with a victory over Katowice, that they can go to the next round. If Linz wins the game on Sunday, Kazzinc has no chance and the final game of the tournament, Kazzinc vs. Katowice, has no impact any more.

Torpedo Kazzinc - Black Wings Linz 2:4 (0:3, 0:1, 2:0)
Goals: 0:1 Ray Podloski (0:41, Szücs, Intranuovo), 0:2 Martin Pewal (10:23, Judex, Peintner), 0:3 Christian Perthaler (17:43, Kuchyna), 0:4 Marc Szücs (24:49, Intranuovo), 1:4 Roman Kozlov (45:27, Antipov), 2:4 Sergey Alexandrof (56:26, Kovalenko)