Black Wings with first win at international Debut

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Samstag, 19.Oktober 2002 - 0:18 - It was a very successful evening for the hosts of Group G, the Black Wings Linz, today! Against GKS Katowice Linz was the dominant team and won 6:0 at last.

It was the first International appearance of the Black Wings and it was pretty impressing. Against the Polish Team of GKS Katowice the hosts of the tournament always had the game under their control and just did what was necessary during this game.

Katowice started pretty good into the game and it seemed to be a up and down during the whole game. But then after almost 11 minutes the host scored the first goal of the match and that's what they needed. Just 10 Minutes later the score was 3:0 for Linz and went up to 6:0 at the End of the Game.

Katowice did not find any measures to stop the offense of Linz and had very little scoring chances.

It was the expected win of Black Wings against Katowice and in the shoot out after the game Linz won with 4:2.

The next matchup will be very hard for Linz: Kattowice, impressive in its first match, will be the opponent on Saturday. The Match will be broadcasted LIVE vie Internet Ticker on Saturday from 16:00 CET.

Black Wings Linz - GKS Katowice 6:0 (3:0, 2:0, 1:0)
Goals: 1:0 Intranuovo, Ralph (10:29, Szücs), 2:0 Lukas, Robert (17:02), 3:0 Intranuovo, Ralph (19:36, Podloski, Krulis), 4:0 Nasheim, Rick (32:23, P. Lukas, Shea), 5:0 Nasheim, Rick (38:38, Perthaler, P. Lukas), 6:0 Podloski, Ray (47:14, Szücs, Intranuovo)
Shots: 37:22
Shoot Out: 4:2