Impressive win of Kazzinc in opener at Linz

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Freitag, 18.Oktober 2002 - 17:07 - Torpedo Kazzinc showed, that they are favorites to reach the 3rd round of Continental Cup in their opener against French Team of Grenoble. With a score of 7:2 Torpedo was to good for the Wolves.

Continental Cup Action in Group G, which is played at Linz, Austria has started with a great win of Torpedo Kazzinc from Kazakhstan over the Grenoble Wolves.

Against Grenoble Torpedo proved, that they are the big favorites to win this Group G in Linz. They played on a high technical level and showed great offensive play. The French, without three of their players, had no chance and after 20 Minutes of play the game was decided, though the score was only 2:0 for Kazzinc.

At 2:0 the game started into the second period and Torpedo did not put that much pressure onto the goalie of the French Vice Champion anymore. They controlled the match and it was no surprise, that after 40 Minutes they still held the lead with 3:1.

When Grenoble started more aggrassiv into the third period, Torpedo went one gear higher and scored four more goals. At the end the score was at 7:2 for Torpedo - without a doubt score, that showed the powers during the match.

As after every Continental Cup Game the two teams had to compete after the match in a shoot out, which was won by Grnoble by 2:1.

This will only have an effect, if the two teams end up with the same points and goal differences.

Action for both teams will continue on Saturday, when Kazzinc faces Linz and Grenoble will play against Katowice.

Torpedo Kazzinc - GMH 38 Grenoble 7:2 (2:0, 1:1, 4:1)
Goals: 1:0 Sergey Antipov (8:16, Strokatov), 2:0 Oleg Kovalenko (14:52, Strokatov, Shipulin), 3:0 Sergey Alexandrov (29:46, Kryazev, Polichshuk), 3:1 Arto Vuoti (37:28, B. Bachelet, Saarinen), 4:1 Sergey Alexandrov (46:40, Polichshuk), 4:2 Jesse Saarinen (48:18, Bonnard), 5:2 Roman Kozlov (49:54, Antipov), 6:2 Vadim RIFEL (51:02, Yessirkenov), 7:2 Nikolay Zarzhitskiy (55:06, Yessirkenov, Rifel)
Shoot Out: 1:2