Three days of Continental Cup Action in Linz, Austria!

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Donnerstag, 17.Oktober 2002 - 17:00 - Tomorrow marks the start of Continental Cup Action in Group G, which will be held at Linz, Austria. Four teams from Austria, Poland, France and Kazachstan will be competing for the victory of the group and a spot in the third round of this season's Continental Cup.

Continental Cup ist the only remaining International IIHF competition in Europe and for the first time in their team - history the host of Group G, Black Wings Linz, will compete on an International level.

The opponents are pretty tough: GKS Katowice from Poland is said to be a technically very good team with four Czechs. Last season Katowice was beaten in the finals and has lost some important players during the summer. Nevertheless the team from Poland has hopes to reach the next round.

GMH Grenoble was a very prominent team in France and Europe with a lot of stars in their roster. Similar to other teams throughout the late 90s Grenoble had financial troubles, was relegated and had to fight its way back to the top. Wie a very Canadian like hockey style and strong Foreigners in their team, the French are hot to reach the third round of Continental Cup.

A big questionmark so far is Torpedo Kazzinc from Kazakhstan. Since 1992 Torpedo has been 11 times champion of Kazakhan hockey League and as all players from the former Soviet Union their big strengths are impressive technical skills. Torpedo does not only provide most of Kazakhan National Team Roster, but their good work is also shown by lots of players who go to the NHL from Torpedo.
During first round of Continental Cup Kazzinc has beaten Jaca from Spain and Voivodina from Yugoslawia, but had some problems to beat Amsterdam from the Netherlands. Nevertheless Torpedo is the big favourite to reach the third round.

The hosts Black Wings Linz can rely on a very enthusiastic crowd, though it is not clear how many spectators will come to the European premiere of the Austrians. In its roster the team from Linz has some very experienced players, who already have won the EHL. And with the home advantage the Black Wings could surprise everybody.

Tickets for the matches are still available and will be sold on each day of the tournament.

Schedule for the Continental Cup weekend:

Friday, 18. October:
17.00: GMH Grenoble - Torpedo Kazzinc
20:30: Black Wings Linz - GKS Katowice

Saturday, 19. October:
16:00: GKS Katowice - GMH Grenoble
19:30: Torpedo Kazzinc - EC Linz

Sunday, 20 October
15:00: EC Linz - GMH Grenoble
18:30: GKS Katowice - Torpedo Kazzinc

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