Introduction to GKS Katowice

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Mittwoch, 16.Oktober 2002 - 23:09 - GKS Katowice is the first team from the Continental Cup tournament, that we introduce to our readers.

Reigning Polish Vice Champions GKS Katowice have a team full of tradition. Founded in 1920 the club first played as Gornik GKS Katowice until 1962, when it got its current name GKS Katowice. GKS stands for "Górno¶l±ski Klub Sportowy".

Katowice won the Polish Championship 6 times and was the runner up for 8 times. Last season they reached the final, where Katowice lost to Unia and was again Vize Champion, as the year before.

Currently the team has some financial troubles and released important players of last year`s team. Probably that is one reason, why GKS ist only 4th in the league so far. After 11 matches they have gained only three wins, but showed great improvement by winning against Gdansk, who are second in the league so far.

GKS has also some International experience. Last year they beat Jesenice and Kiev in the second round of cup play, but lost to Prostejov and therefor did not advance to the next round.

The most important players are:

, who is the best goal scorer of the team so far. He has had 7 goals and 3 assists untli now and is the best scorer of his team, too.

In defense Adrian Labryga has a lot of offensive power. He has already scored six goals in Polish Championship.

Janusz Hajnos is "king of the assists". He currently stands at 6 assists and impressive 5 goals, which makes him the second best scorer of GKS.

The Polish team is expexted to be an underdog at Linz on next weekend, but they have already shown, that GKS can be very dangerous internationally, too.

Last season GKS had no luck in their last game, but the team then is different to the current roster - and probably better!