Bad News for GMH Grenoble

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Mittwoch, 16.Oktober 2002 - 21:11 - GMH Grenoble, the French team at next weekend's Continental Cup tournament at Linz, Austria, has probably lost its best scorer so far due to an injury.

Josef Podlaha has scored 8 goals and 2 assists in 6 games of French Super 16 so far. That makes him not only the topscorer of the "wolves", but als their best goal scorer! His loss could influence Grenoble's chances to reach the third round impressingly.

The Czech has been hurt during the game against Mulhouse last Saturday, when Grenoble has suffered its first and only defeat of the current season in French Hockey League.

With two days to go until the start of the Cup Tournament, the French would have lost their most dangerous forward.

Furthermore the French won't be able to have Russian Andrei Shevelev and Frenchman Franck Guillemard on their roster. Latter has job committments, while for Shevelev the team has no visa, which is necessary for a Russian to enter Austria.