Katowice finds its shape

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Montag, 14.Oktober 2002 - 6:24 - GKS Katowice seems to find its shape almost just in time for the Continental Cup Tournament in Linz! In their last game before travelling to Austria, Katowice beat the second of Polish Championship, Gdansk, with 4:3 in Overtime.

GKS Katowice will come to Linz with a very big success at home. After not playing very will during the last matches, they beat Gdansk on Sunday and proved, that they are coming to shape.

Aufter 60 Minutes the game was tied at 3:3 and Overtime had to find a winner. It took almost seven Minutes until Katowice's Jozwik scored the game winner and took the scoreboard to 4:3 for the home team.

In Polish Hockey League everything stays as it was: though beating the second best team of the league, Katowice stays at 4th place, but now is only one point behind third place.

Now the Polish will have to travel to Linz, Austria, where they will be the first opponent of hosting Black Wings Linz in the second round of the Continental Cup.