Continental Cup: Grenoble with 3 new players

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Sonntag, 11.August 2002 - 21:15 - Just about 2 months before the Continental Cup tournament in Linz will start, the preparations of the competitors are getting more and more interesting for hockeyfans.

In Grenoble the team has just changed slightly, So far three players have joined the team, 2 players have left.

The runner up of last season's French championship, Grenoble, who will play from Oct. 18th to 20th at Linz/Austria in the second round of this year's Continental Cup, has improved its roster with three new players.

So far the three new "Loupes" are defenders Jesse Saaringen from Strasbourg, Vincent Leoty (Megeve) and forward Andrei Shevelev from Dunkerque.

25 year old Jesse Saarinen from Finland has shown his offensive skills in last year's championship. As a defender he scorede impressive 17 goals and 22 assists for Strasbourg.

18 year old Vincent Leoty played in Megeve last year and did not impress with many points. With his 168 cm he is not the tallest defender, but nevertheless Grenoble put him to the roster to improve the defense.

Russia's Andrei Shevelev is still young, too. With 23 years he is coming from league - opponents Dunkerque where he scored 13 goals and 9 assists last season.

These three new additions the roster of Grenoble has also 5 players who will leave the team: the three forwards Thomas Bergamelli, Marc Billieras and Sebastien Oprandi are players who won't be found in the top ranks of last year's teamstatistics.

Furhtermore two defenders left the team: Philippe Guers and Bruno Maynard.