Grenoble with its first win of the tournament

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Samstag, 19.Oktober 2002 - 18:07 - A very interesting match between Grenoble and Katowice opened the second day of Continental Cup Action. Grenoble started very strong and took a 3:0 lead, but GKS came back and equalized in the second period. At the end it was Grenoble, who took the win.

It was the looser's game - both teams had lost their first matches on Saturday and had to win to have a theoratical chance of winning the tournamen!

The match started with a big shock for Katowice, because after 47 seconds Grenoble scored the first goal and from then on had the game under control. Within the first 20 minutes Grenoble scored 2 more goals and took a 3:0 lead to the first break.

Nobody would have expected Katowice to come back, but in the second quarter the French did not play with their full strengths and GKS got the chance to get back into the game.

At the half of the game, Katowice could not score at a 5 against 3 Power Play, but as the French where at full strength again, GKS scored their first goal of the tournament.

From then on they were able to produce a lot of pressure onto Goalie Rolland from Grenoble. And just about 3 Minutes before the end of the period, Katowice was back: the second goal of the period put the score to 2:3!

As the final period began, Katowice still was hungry for the equalizer and finally got it in the second minute of the third period and it almost looked as if the vice champions of Poland where to turn around this game!

Katowice now wanted the lead but in a rush forward they ran into a break by Grenoble, who scored their fourth goal of this evening. And in a power play for Katowice it was Grenoble again, who scored to make it 5:3 for the French.

Katowice had 10 more minutes to make the comeback again. But the French runner up of last season was too cool to give the victory away again. In the 15th minute they added another goal to make it 6:3 and the match was decided.

Katowice still tried to come back, but the French had no problems to save the 6:3 victory over the 60 minutes.

After the match there was a shoot out, which was won 3:0 by GKS.

GKS still has no points after 2 days and has no chance to proceed to the second round. Grenoble has gained its first 2 points and will face the hosts of Linz on Sunday. Katowice will play against Kazzinc in the final match of the tournament on Sunday evening.

GKS Katowice - GMH 38 Grenoble 3:6 (0:3, 2:0, 1:3)
Goals: 0:1 Arto Vuoti (0:47, B. Bachelet), 0:2 Benjamin Agnel (18:14, Papa, Billieras), 0:3 Benjamin Agnel (19:13), 1:3 Marek Szymanski (29:59, Grobracczyk), 2:3 Marek Szymanski (36:39, Wolkowicz, Plutecki), 3:3 Tomasz Jozwik (41:35, Pohl), 3:4 Benoit Bachelet (42:20), 3:5 Benoit Bachelet (48:41), 3:6 Nicolas Antonoff (54:40, B. Bachelet)